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A Respected Leader


Governor's Commendation Award

2009 - Commendation from Governor to SaLee' Amina

The Honorable Governor Edward Rendell stated about SaLee' Amina: 

(Quoted from paragraph  2 )     "As an active community servant, you have surpassed the highest ideals of citizenship and exemplify a rare caliber of character and leadership. Throughout your accomplished career, you have proven yourself to be an elite and capable leader, innovator, advocate and unifier. You have played a vital role in revitalizing your community, and truly made a positive difference in the lives of countless citizens. You have earned the respect and admiration of your colleagues and everyone who has been touched by your work and your civic participation." 

(Quoted from paragraph 4) "  ...I offer my deepest gratitude and admiration for your devotion to the well-being of your fellow citizens and your community. I applaud your efforts and again congratulate you on being honored today. 

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Washington D.C. & Internationl Opinion Leader

SaLee's Awards & Gold Medal of Merit from The President


A Natural-Born Winner: Listed here are several decades of awards and prestigious acknowledgments & commendations.

          (Photographs of some of these commendations, official I.D. badges & VIP invitations are on this website)   

National & State Awards

  • The Gold Medal of Merit from the U.S. President;
  • The Certificate of Merit from the U. S. Senate Inner Circle; 
  • Commendation from Governor of Pennsylvania (2009);
  • Presented gold cuff-links, bearing the Seal of The President (1984);
  • Commendation from U.S. Department of Defense 'DAPA' Defense Personnel Support Center - Medical Prime Vendor (1997);  
  • Pennsylvania Health Care Professionals Award (2009);
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower Hall of Fame Award (2003). 

  • SaLee' has been affiliated with these Washington D.C. groups:
  • The President's Task Force, 
  • The United States Senatorial Business Advisory Board, 
  • The United States Congressional Committee, 
  • The United States Senatorial Inner Circle,
  • The Victory Fund.

International Awards

  • Commendation from His Majesty King Khalid of Saudi Arabia (1981); (The King's Commendation to SaLee' Amina was the first time in history that the Saudi King gave a commendation to any woman or to any American);
  • Commendation from His Highness Prince Mutaaz Bin Saud Al-Saud (1996);
  • World Gold Association (Switzerland) Merit Award, "Man of Gold" award;  
  • Sons of Italy Honorarium (1977);
  • World Affairs Council (International Peace and Social Reform Seminar);
  • United Nations "Student Delegate" (1969);
  • Abuja Consult Commendation by Nigerian President Shagari (1985);
  • World Economic Council of Advisors of Switzerland;
  • Institute of Freedom through Sound Money of London (1979);
  • Phoenix Foundation (U.S. & Holland (1979);
  • Artistic Education Foundation of Hollywood & London (1976);
  • World Council of Churches (Int'l Peace  & Freedom Convention).

Academic and Cultural Awards

  • Hillsborough School District Merit Award (1984);
  • Sausalito School District Merit Award;
  • San Francisco Teachers Award for Excellence;
  • Perli Pelzig (Hon. Professor Occidental Univ.) Artist Commendation (1989);
  • Arizona Cultural Relations Committee Certificate of Appreciation;
  • Midwest Arab-American Chamber of Commerce Cert. of Appreciation;
  • California Arab-American Cultural Center Certificate of Appreciation;
  • National Honor Society;
  • National Forensics League;
  • National Thespian Society.

Oratorical & Essay Awards

  • Illinois State Oratorical Award (for Public Speaking);
  • American Legion Oratorical Award;
  • Homewood Flossmoor Public Speaking Award;
  • Thornton Regional Oratorical Award (Extemporaneous Public Speaking);
  • President Eisenhower Oratorical Award (for Political Debate);
  • Florence Nightingale Oratorical Award;
  • Freedom Essay Award;
  • Leadership Essay Award.

Humanitarian Awards

  • 2009 Governor’s Award and Commendation;
  • Muslim Service Bureau (Life Achievement Award);
  • International Association of Muslims (Certificate of Achievement);
  • Bosnian-American Relief Council (Certificate of Honor);
  • Afghanistan Aid Committee (Letter of Acknowledgment);
  • Indian Muslim Relief Fund (Life Achievement Award);
  • Croatian Fraternal Union (Letter of Appreciation);
  • War Orphans Relief Fund (Achievement Award);
  • M.A.P. - 'Mothers Against Pornography' (Essay Award);
  • C.O.M.A. 'Council on Moral Alternatives' (Honorary Mention).

With a 163 genius I.Q. & having a natural tendency to excel, SaLee' received numerous awards & trophies as a youth - as an athlete, scholar, debater, public speaker, essayist & artist. She also won a National Science Award, beauty & talent contests, & regional, state & national competitions.

When asked what she feels is the most important of all of her awards, she replied, "The greatest of all honors is being a mother."

Professional Negotiator, Investment Advisor & Orator


          (See official copies of programs & delegate Identification badges for these events are on this website)

As an Investment Advisor, SaLee' Amina's clients have included Fortune 500 companies, banks, celebrities, multi-millionaires & billionaires, Royal Families & government leaders. She has been a coveted Speaker & Advisor:

  • 2018 Associate Sponsor - 'Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture', under the Patronage of The Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE);
  • 2017 Guest on Dixie TV - "President Trump's Ban on Muslim Immigration";
  • 2017 Panel Speaker - 'Peace Sunday' United Nations Int'l Day of Peace;
  • 2015 Co-Chair/Speaker - 'Industrial Bio-Technology Conference', China; 
  • 2014 invited to VIP Opening Ceremony by Dep. Prime Minister of UAE;
  • 2013 V.I.P. Delegate - 'Global Summit-Space, Aerospace & Aviation', UAE;
  • 2012 Delegate - 'Annual Investment Meeting', United Arab Emirates;
  • 2012 Representative - 'Dubai Int'l Humanitarian Aid & Development', UAE;
  • 2011  Invitee' - 'Eye on Earth Summit', United Nations Environment Program; under the Patronage of President Khalifah Al-Nahyan of UAE & Under Secretary General of the U.N.; with President Bill Clinton;
  • 2010 VIP guest at Kuwait National Day event;
  • 2009 V.V.I.P. Delegate - '2nd Future Energy Summit', Abu Dhabi, UAE; 
  • 2009 Recipient of Governor's Award;
  • 2009 VIP at Health Care Professionals Awards event;
  • 2009 Honoree - Black History Month Awards;
  • 2008 V.I.P. Delegate - '1st Inaugural Future Energy Summit', Abu Dhabi;
  • 2006 Speaker - 'Leaders in Dubai Business Forum', Dubai, UAE;
  • 2003 Speaker - 'Islamic Finance Conference' of Dubai, UAE; 
  • 2003 Speaker - Dwight D. Eisenhower Hall of Fame Award & Speaker;
  • 2002 Speaker - 'International Finance Conference' of Geneva'; 
  • 2001 Guest on Fox News - 'World Trade Center' catastrophe;
  • 1999 VIP Guest at 100th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • 1998  Speaker - 'Islamic Unity Conference' Washington D.C.; 
  • 1998  Speaker - 'Islamic Ideals' at Omni Shoreham Hotel,W.D.C., 'Islam, Fastest Growing Religion', 'Science of Islam', 'Islamic Art & Sound', 'Islamic Education';
  • 1998 Speaker - 'The King Fahd Mosque' inauguration in Culver City, CA;  
  • 1998 Speaker - 'Islamic Unity Conference' in Washington D.C.;
  • 1998 Speaker -  International Women's Conference Washington D.C.; 
  • 1998 Speaker - 'International Day of the Family' at the L.A. Sports Arena; 
  • 1998 'Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill' by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • 1993 VIP guest at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Day Event;
  • 1992-98 Professor & Lecturer on Islamic Culture & International Business;
  • 1988-1990 SaLee' taught Islamic & Arabian Culture to young students;
  • 1986 SaLee' was Chair of Board & Sec./Treas. of a construction Co. in England that was awarded 'The Contractor of Choice' for the City of London;
  • 1984 SaLee' was a consultant on the Abuja Project for Nigerian President Shehu Shagari; & on the Nigerian Ministry of Defense building. 
  • 1981 SaLee' received a written Commendation from the King of Saudi: It was the first time that he had given a Commendation to a woman or to an American.
  • 1981  In Lausanne, Switzerland, SaLee' was hired by His Highness UAE President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan to handle his investments in Europe & USA (Guinness Book named him as having the highest income in the world);
  • 1980 SaLee's first position in Dubai was as a Consultant / Co-Producer to a film company sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Hasher Al-Maktoum. Their company produced a 'Clio' Award-winning TV commercial.
  • 1979 Speaker - The Acapulco Finance Conference in Mexico; 
  • Speaker - The American Legion, Chicago Civic Awards; The JFK Library fundraising event, Florence Nightingale Humanitarian Awards in Illinois;   
  • SaLee' was a 'Student Delegate' in a program at the United Nations (After High School graduation)

Ambassador, Envoy, Advocate & Humanitarian


  • SaLee' Amina has made a positive difference in the world, in 42 countries on 5 continents and in 47 states of the USA.
  • Throughout decades as a well-respected investment advisor, SaLee' specialized in socially responsible 'impact investing', focusing on investments with a substantial social component - increasing jobs, revitalizing declining industries, improving neighborhoods, saving lives, providing humanitarian services; while also being highly profitable to her investor/developer clients.
  • SaLee' has also done 'Pro Bono' work and volunteered to help the poor, disabled, veterans, elderly, children, homeless & jobless; as well as victims of crime, abuse, oppression & domestic violence.  
  • SaLee' Amina also has been an Advocate for Justice & Civil Rights.
  • SaLee' had taken direct action against corruption - having reported 23 'bad apples' within law enforcement, the correctional system & the judiciary to official internal affairs supervisors, government oversight commissions & investigative agencies.  The retaliation against her for doing so was profound. 
  • As a result of SaLee's steadfast determination to speak truth to power, despite the danger - 18 were criminally prosecuted, convicted, sentenced & imprisoned in federal penitentiaries; & some others were released from their official, judicial or prosecutorial positions - thus, saving their victims from further abuse & injustice as a result of the corruption.
  • Despite having worked with some of the wealthiest personalities in the world, SaLee' Amina has never been money-motivated.  She is extremely motivated by 'purpose,' guided by a strict sense of integrity, honor, ethics & an abundance of compassion.
  • SaLee' had a life-long policy of  'diverting' much of her income to charity.
  • SaLee' has never taken any salary or subsidy for her humanitarian or Ambassadorial activities; and also, has personally paid all expenses herself.
  • SaLee'  has always believed in living her life & business on a basis of 'Integrity First', including when she negotiated energy, trade & air defense contracts; strengthening global alliances and increasing American security & prosperity.
  • SaLee' Amina waived her commissions on certain military contracts, giving the amounts as discounts to the purchasing clients (including to the Saudi Royal Navy & the UAE Air Force); thus securing important strategic allies throughout the world for USA. 
  • SaLee' has always felt a personal sense of responsibility for making a meaningful difference in the world; although she was never employed or paid by any government (albeit, several of her clients held important official  positions).
  • In Africa, while involved as a consultant to the Abuja project, under President Shehu Shagari, SaLee' worked as a volunteer in providing water wells, mobile medical clinics, schools & libraries; and in building geodesic housing structures, agriculture and aquaculture projects for impoverished villages.
  • SaLee' campaigned to provide education, training, internships & mentoring; so as to raise people out of homelessness & into jobs & business co-op ownership.
  • SaLee' also mentors women and girls, and assists foreign students in USA. 
  • In 1998, the position of Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Culture was conveyed upon SaLee' Amina  by the Deputy Consul of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at L. A. 
  • SaLee' (Barnes-Mohammed) was the first woman and the first American to receive a written Commendation from the King of Saudi (in 1981 - from King Khaled Al-Saud).
  • PUTTING HER LIFE AT RISK TO SAVE OTHER'S LIVES:  During the Iran/Iraq war, SaLee' Amina had personally used a private jet to evacuate numerous women & children who were escaping from the war zone; landing them safely in Dubai, where they could get connecting flights to other countries.  
  • In 2018, SaLee' volunteered during the wild fires in California. 

The Diamond Lady, The Golden Girl

SaLee' sold World's Largest Flawless Diamond - 170.49 ct / $22 million (photo is raw, uncut diamond)

"The Diamond Lady"  -  EXCLUSIVE GEM COLLECTIONS:  SaLee' Amina represented large collections of precious gems & individual unique diamonds.

THE LARGEST FLAWLESS DIAMOND IN THE WORLD: THE STAR OF PEACE - 170.40 carats, pear shaped  flawless diamond.  (See the actual-sized photo of  the 'Star of Peace', & read of its amazing story! Click 'Diamonds & Gold'').

THE LARGEST PEARL IN THE WORLD: "The Pearl of Allah" (previously called "The Pearl of Lao Tzu") was another unusual gem that SaLee' represented. 

THE RAINBOW DIAMOND COLLECTION:  SaLee' solicited the collection for Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan, because of the Sheikh's great affection for rainbows & cars.

"The Golden Girl" - GOLD MINING & REFINING & JEWELRY MAKING: SaLee' was involved in all things gold - mining, refining, brokerage, jewelry, objects of art. 

 THE WORLD GOLD ASSOCIATION (WGA): SaLee' was elected Vice President of the WGA (which did not accept women members at the time). 

GOLD JEWELRY: Her 'Sogno' factory designed jewelry & watch faces for 'Cartier', 'Piaget', 'Patek Phillipe' & 'Boucheron', designed by SaLee' & her business partner, Gerard Jolie.  

PORTRAITS IN GOLD, & SCULPTURES IN PRECIOUS METALS & GEMS:  SaLee' specialized in one-of-a-kind pieces, including portraits in solid gold of all of the Arabian Gulf leaders and sculptures made from precious metals & gems. 

QUEEN ELIZABETH OWNS SALEE'S SCULPTURE OF THE BRITANNIA YACHT:  The curator of the Queens' collection, Jonathon Marsden, confirmed that SaLee's GOLD sculpture of the 'Britannia' Royal Yacht was displayed in the Tower of London, viewed by over 300,000 visitors. It is now installed in Buckingham Palace.

       (For a 'Who's Who of Collectors who have acquired SaLee's artistic works, see the photos & list at bottom of this homepage, or  Click on 'SCULPTURES' & 'PAINTINGS', or 'DIAMONDS & GOLD' ).


International Contract Negotiator, Advisor & VIP Delegate

2018 - Delegate / 'Associate Sponsor' - UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs - Global Forum




  Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • 2018 - Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited as an Associate Sponsor to this Global Forum by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs for the President of The United Arab Emirates (UAE), His Highness Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.
  • Leading experts, scientists & global leaders met in Abu Dhabi for this forum. 
  • A main participant was 'Masdar City', a planned project with a zero carbon footprint, which is a subsidiary of 'Mubadala,' a development initiated by the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan ("MBZ"), & under the patronage of the UAE President.
  •  Dr. SaLee' Amina believes in the important responsibility of Governments & business leaders to create viable trade & cooperation, which enhances economies and provides security & prosperity for society & future generations. 
  • 'Integrity First' is her policy, 'Purpose & Profits' is her investment motto.

2017 - SaLee' Amina was interviewed on TV, discussing  President Trump's immigration ban on Muslims; comparing Islam, Christianity & Judaism.

2015 - SaLee' was invited as Co-chair & Speaker at the Bio-Technology forum in China. She has been involved in Alternative Energy since 1986.

2014 - Invited to VIP ceremony by UAE Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan



  • In 2014, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited to the VIP Opening Ceremony of the Global Forum, under the patronage of The Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. 
  • This summit featured Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.
  • With nearly forty years of experience, Dr. SaLee' Amina offers a broad spectrum of insight into advancing technologies in a socially responsible manner that will support & sustain future generations, while maintaining profitable returns.
  • 'Purpose, Plus Profits' has been a long-standing motto of SaLee' Amina.
  • Having been a representative of several Sheikhs & Princes in the Arabian Gulf, and having been an invited Speaker at numerous Global Conferences, Dr. SaLee' Amina is a valuable negotiator on international contracts; especially between Western manufacturers and corporations and foreign entities.
  •  Global Productivity through Socially Conscious Investment:  Strongly believing in the power of finance to create mutually beneficial relationships, SaLee' Amina is one who negotiates contracts, agreements & accords which provide for healthy financial returns; while also being socially responsib

2013 - VIP Delegate - Global Aerospace, Aviation & Space Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE



  • In 2013, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed attended the 'Global Aerospace, Aviation & Space' summit in Abu Dhabi, as a V.I.P. Delegate; which was under the patronage of the patron of the event, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. 
  • Representatives from nearly every manufacturer of aerospace & aviation equipment attended the summit, as well as military leaders from NATO.
  • Dr. SaLee' Amina also attended the high security panel discussions that followed the presentations for the public. 
  • SaLee's business associate who coordinated any clearances or approval of equipment through the Pentagon or Department of Defense was Retired Admiral Herbert Spencer Mathews, who was at the time the highest decorated Admiral in the history of the Navy. 
  • SaLee' Amina negotiated several contracts for defense equipment & petroleum products. However, she waived commissions on contracts she negotiated for military equipment to UAE & Saudi. This amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, which was deducted from the total price, as a discount to the buyers. 
  • On the purchase of military helicopters by UAE, SaLee' Amina waived a $250,000,000.00 commission

2012 - Delegate to 'Abu Dhabi Investment Meeting' (AIM), with UAE Minister of Foreign Trade


  • In 2012, Dr. SaLee' Amina attended the AIM meeting in UAE, headed by Sheikha Lubna. 
  • She has been an important consultant and delegate on trade issues, especially as concerns energy, defense, agriculture & 'leading edge' future technologies.
  • Having represented several high ranking government leaders, her reputation for integrity has been the currency upon which her reputation for excellent service & transparent full disclosure has been unique.

2012 - Representative of Corporate & Government Investment in Humanitarian Aid, Development & Trade


  • In 2012, Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Trade representative at the Dubai Humanitarian Aid & Development conference.  SaLee' Amina believes in Global Harmony through Trade & Development: Well versed in trade issues that directly impact global relations, she has a long and respected track record in focusing trade & development investment into diverse areas, creating productive, profitable and socially beneficial projects. 

2011 - VIP Delegate - invited by UAE President Sheikh Khalifah Al-Nahyan to Environmental Summit


  • In 2011, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited by the UAE President to the 'Eye on Earth' Summit, with President Bill Clinton. 
  • SaLee' has long been a highly sought after consultant in matters that require international cooperation.  
  • Her expertise provides insight into cooperative relations for achieving mutual global concerns.
  • Dr. SaLee' Amina returned to study at Harvard University in 2011, to be current in Global Economics.

2015 - Environmental & Bio-Tech "Future Energy" Consultant


2015 Co-Chair & Speaker - World Bio-Technology (China)

  • 2015 - Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited by the 8th Annual World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology to be  a Co-Chairperson and Speaker, in Nanjing, China; to share her decades of Bio-Tech industry expertise in the field of Sustainable Bio-Energy Applications, and to give a speech on Financing Alternative Energy Projects - "Make a Killing, While Saving the Life of Our Planet".      

          (Click on "BIO-TECH" for full program of this Conference & list of all of the Expert Speakers and Scientists, including Dr. SaLee' Amina.) 

  • 2011 - SaLee' was a consultant to a Hydrogen plant in California, which could provide supplementary energy to solar plants during the night, & during peak hours of energy usage.
  • 2008 & 2009 - Dr. SaLee' Amina was the VIP guest of the Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed at the Future Energy Summit, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • 1993 - SaLee' was a consultant to Earthguard 2000, a bio-fuel developed by a company in Austin, Texas, which was used in a race car that won the Bonneville Salt Flats land speed record, while being completely non-polluting & non-toxic. 
  • 1986 - SaLee' was a consultant to 'Future Wave,' a California based alternative energy company, which developed devices that gathered & stored energy from the continual movement of water in the oceans; while the actors, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward were on the Board of Directors.
  • 1986 - SaLee' became involved in Bio-Tech & Future Energy as a consultant to Alternative Energy companies in California, Texas & foreign countries.
  • In the 1980s, SaLee' was a negotiator for energy contracts, including for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of the United States Department of Energy. 
  • In Africa, SaLee' instituted agriculture and aquaculture humanitarian projects, which were sustained by solar, bio-fuels, recycled waste & algae.
  • SaLee' believes that although the present energy needs must be met, there is a vital & ever-increasing necessity for alternative fuels, energy sources & non-petroleum based pest control in agriculture;which are less polluting & far more environmentally friendly;  for the sake of protecting the health of the planet & for preserving its resources for future generations.   

Decades of Successful & Purposeful Activities

2009 & 2008 - VIP DELEGATE to 'Future Energy Summit' in Abu Dhabi, UAE


  •  In 2008 & 2009, Dr. SaLee' Amina was a VIP guest of the Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed at the Future Energy Summit, held in Abu Dhabi.
  • At the 2009 Future Energy Summit, SaLee' Amina represented a cousin of the UAE President, and successfully introduced USA energy companies & future energy 'sponsorships' for that client.
  • SaLee' has been involved in Bio-Technology & Future Energy since 1992 and has been a consultant to Alternative Energy companies in California & in Texas.
  • While understanding the present need for traditional energy sources, she strongly advocates an accelerated transition into greener & cleaner sources of fuel & energy, for the sake of protecting the health of the planet & preserving its resources for future generations. 
  • Dr. SaLee' Amina is as much at home in foreign countries as she is in her hometown of Beverly Hills, California. Her stack of passports, with multiple page additions & business visas testify to a jet-setter lifestyle, with a positive purpose.
  • Being able to negotiate across cultural, religious & political barriers, SaLee' proved herself an extraordinary asset in bringing opposing parties to the negotiating table, and finding solutions.  
  • SaLee' has been involved in Bio-Technology & Future Energy since 1992 and has been a consultant to Alternative Energy companies in California & in Texas. 



  • Among the many awards received by SaLee' Amina (Barnes-Mohammed) is the "Gold Medal of Merit", issued to her by President Ronald Reagan.
  • The Gold Medal of Merit confirmed the fact that Dr. SaLee' Amina had contributed to The United States by bringing extraordinary investment funds into the U.S. economy, and by creating many jobs for U.S. workers. 
  • As an international negotiator and investment advisor, SaLee' Amina directed billions of investments and project development funds into the U.S. economy; while she also created important international strategic U.S. allies.
  • SaLee's personal philosophy has always been to focus more on the 'high horizon', instead of only on the 'bottom line'.
  • SaLee' became well known for her determination to put Integrity first, creating funds and projects that put money to work for the common good, while also creating profits.  Her projects were always assessed from a viewpoint of Societal impact, as well as for rendering excellent profits to her investor clients.
  • Whether in Washington D.C., or in her home state of California, or in any of the other 42 countries where she traveled, SaLee' attracted clients who were local or global leaders - some of whom were Heads of State, diplomats or Fortune 100 corporations; yet, she maintained her girl-next-door 'down-home' personality, devoid of ego & full of good humor.



  • As an investment advisor, SaLee' Amina was responsible for advising on the management of billions in foreign investment funds into the USA, which significantly enhanced the U.S. economy.  
  • The issuance of the Certificate of Merit from the United States Senatorial Inner Circle was an acknowledgment of the fact that SaLee' was an active participant in the vitalization of the American economy, through considerable foreign investment in the U.S. stock markets, businesses, joint ventures, investments and property.
  • Being that SaLee' is the daughter of a United States Marine, she was raised with a definite sense of loyalty to American values.  Financial incentives were not needed to motivate her to contribute to all that makes America the extraordinary country that it is.  Her sense of patriotism was instilled in her from childhood, & has never wavered.
  • SaLee's specialty became 'Impact Investing' in a socially responsible manner; thus creating high profits, while concurrently creating jobs & improving lives.  
  • SaLee’ Amina is an American citizen, born and raised in the U.S.A., and she has family members who are direct descendants of one of America's most respected Founding Fathers - Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; as well as being descendants of America's first folk hero, Daniel Boone, the courageous frontiersman & adventurer.



  • SaLee' Amina was active in national politics and international relations through her affiliations with The United States Business Advisory Board, The President's Task Force, The United States Senatorial Inner Circle, The Congressional Committee, The Victory Fund; and also, as a frequent visitor to the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations; as well as to the national and state legislatures, and global organizations. 
  • After having received several acknowledgements & commendations from the Reagan Administration, SaLee' developed a rapport with Vice Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush, who later became President & who solicited her suggestions as regards "Desert Storm." SaLee' recommended (1) a 'countdown' ultimatum that would be stringently enforced, (2) confining combat to mainly strategic air strikes, (3)  keeping costs well under-budget [Saudi had ear-marked $3 trillion, if needed] & (4) restricting combat to an immediate & intense strike, without lingering in the area or expanding war throughout Iraq, (5) securing the oil fields.) History shows whether her advice was useful. 
  • SaLee's patriotism is solely inspired of her own personal allegiance to traditional American values.  She is not, and never has been, an 'employee' of any government or of any government agency (although she has been an 'advisor' to people of influence in the economies or politics of countries.) 




  • SaLee' Amina's position on the United States Business Advisory Board brought her in contact with several stakeholders in the U.S. economy who worked together to create positive results from building economies, creating jobs, increasing production and improving quality of life; while maintaining high standards and fair labor conditions.
  • As a member of the United States Business Advisory Board, SaLee' Amina was instrumental in advising companies on government contracts, joint ventures & project financing.
  • During decades of advising on investments, which brought billions of dollars into the U.S. economy, SaLee' Amina chose to specialize in "Socially Conscious Impact Investments," which created high profits, while contributing to society.
  • The majority of investments handled by SaLee' Amina had a component of social responsibility, while maintaining a high standard of lucrative profits to investors, which she called 'The best of both worlds'.
  • SaLee' Amina's strongest inclinations were to direct funds into revitalization of businesses in distressed neighborhoods and in areas which had experienced disasters or economic downtrends.
  • SaLee's efforts in advising on the investment of foreign funds in advancing the American economy & in improving U.S. relations with foreign countries & cultures. 
  • SaLee' has also been involved in several development & humanitarian aid projects, worldwide.

Investment Advisor, Expert, Negotiator, Ambassador

2006 - "Dubai Leaders Forum" presents Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed


  • In 2006, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed  was invited as a V.I.P. Speaker at the Dubai Leaders Forum; and she had also been invited as a Speaker at the 2003 Finance Forum in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the 2002 Finance Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, the 2003 D.D. Eisenhower ceremony, the 2007 Pakistan Conference, the 2015 Conference in China, the 1998 Unity Conference, the 1998 King Fahd mosque inaugural event and the 1998 Day of the Family.  
  • At International Finance Conferences, her name has been listed along with the heads of some of the world's largest banks, most important financial institutions and monetary funds.   
  • The Dubai Leaders Forum listed ONLY ONE female speaker - Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed.
  • SaLee' Amina has been an adviser to some of the wealthiest in the world, which has continued for nearly four decades. Known for avoiding publicity and having a client list that contained several members of Royalty and Ruling Families, she was sometimes called 'The Power Behind the Thrones.'
  • After having arrived in Dubai in 1980, nearly three decades later, SaLee' Amina was still listed among the most influential leaders.  One can read newspapers from 1980, wherein she predicted that UAE, & especially Dubai, would become a "megatropolis",  the "Gem of the Middle East", & not only a local influence, but a global power & worldwide financial leader.  Her predictions on investments were always correct, as was her prediction for the extraordinary success of the UAE.
  • SaLee' Amina, unlike most advisors at her level, never sought publicity or fame; although occasionally a magazine or newspaper reporter would run articles about her.  Her commitment to confidentiality was ultimate, not revealing the names of her clients or anything about their business or investments.
  • Some of her strengths were her humble lack of concern for praise, her extraordinary self-confidence & professionalism, her genius 163 I.Q and her total commitment to integrity, above all else.
  • When asked her secrets to success, SaLee' replied that all true success is firmly footed in integrity first, followed by a dedication to excellence, a self-disciplined attention to the responsibilities of the position and the needs & wants of clients, and maintaining dignity & diplomacy; without falling into the trap of selfishness, greed or arroganc

2003 - Dubai Finance Forum



  • In 2003, SaLee' was invited to the Dubai Finance Forum, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Moktoum, the Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates.
  • SaLee' is listed on the program for the Dubai Islamic Finance Forum as the only female Speaker.
  • SaLee' Amina rose to power as a dynamic investment adviser from the first day that she arrived in Dubai, in 1981; but, throughout her life, she had already excelled in several fields that were not typical for women:  
  • At the time, almost no one in the Arabian Gulf would have considered taking financial advice from a woman, and very few women were active in businesses, no less holding senior positions.
  • Now, after nearly four decades of experience in investment advising on five continents, & having been mentored by the highest paid investment advisor in the world & hired by the wealthiest person in the world, she has spoken as an expert at numerous finance conferences, investment seminars and on television; and her advice has been sought by the rich & powerful, worldwide. Yet, SaLee's down-to-earth approach, humility and lack of arrogance has been a trademark of her personality throughout her several successful careers. She attributes much of her lack of arrogance to her being raised in a small town, being from a military family and having 'saints' for grandparents.
  • SaLee' began her career in Dubai as an advisor to some of the very high level personalities in government and business at a time when very few women in the area worked.
  • Her predictions in the local newspapers, since 1980, always stated that all of the UAE, and especially Dubai, would become a huge financial power and would take its place as a very highly respected global leader.
  • When SaLee' Amina was hired by His Highness, Sheikh Zayed, in 1981, she often worked behind the scenes through other companies, because during that era, women were usually not accepted in high positions of business.  
  • Being a woman in a man's arena made her particularly vulnerable to being the subject of gossip, since people during much of her early career were not accustomed to women working in investments. To avoid criticism, sometimes arrangements were made for her to work as an advisor to independent contractors, who got the acknowledgement for her work.

(Copies of actual programs & lists of Speakers are shown on this website

2002 - Finance Conference in Geneva, Switzerland


  • In 2002, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited as an Expert in International Finance to the Geneva Finance Conference.  (A copy of the official program, with all of the Geneva Finance Speakers is on this website)
  • SaLee' Amina began advising on Wealth Management as a consultant to Security Pacific Bank, in Beverly Hills, California, then she was contracted in Switzerland as an advisor for international investments and gold bullion.  
  • Her dramatically profitable results had attracted some of the bank's largest foreign investors from the Arabian Gulf region.   


  • SaLee' Amina was originally 'discovered' by Sir Harry Schultz (who was the highest paid financial advisor in the world at the time), after he heard her presentation on gold investments at an Acapulco Finance Conference.
  • SaLee' became Sir Harry's protege' when he was the highest paid investment advisor in the world.  Sir Harry Schultz described SaLee' as "A Human Dynamo," and insisted she become involved in all of his projects.  
  • SaLee' was elected as Vice President of The World Gold Association ('WGA'), in Lausanne, Switzerland.  At the time, the WGA had no female members, except Sir Harry's wife.
  • SaLee' was advising some of the wealthiest clients on their investments, in Switzerland, at a time when women had only recently won the vote there (67% of Swiss men had previously voted against allowing women to vote; until 1991)
  • In the Geneva Islamic Finance Conference, SaLee' was listed in the program as one of only two female Speakers, among male leaders of some of the world's biggest banks. 
  • SaLee' has ALWAYS been a leader, a trail-blazer, a committed professional; even when it was unpopular to be a woman in the positions & professions. 
  • In Geneva, Switzerland SaLee' had her jewelry business, specializing in gem collections & 'Objects of Art' to VIP collectors.
  • SaLee' was Vice President of the World Gold Association, in Switzerland.
  • In Switzerland, she was hired as an investment advisor by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan, after seven meetings with him. 
  • In Geneva, SaLee' Amina joined the entourage of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed; where she assisted on his investment in Chinese antiques.

1998 - SaLee' Amina Speaker on Islamic Culture & Interfaith Expert with Heads of State & Ambassadors


  • ISLAMIC UNITY WOMEN'S CONFERENCE - Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed was a featured Speaker at the Women's Conference, along with Her Royal Highness Princess Raja Eleena Bint Sultan Azian of Indonesia, and  Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana of Turkey,  who is a direct descendant of the last Ottoman Empire Muslim Caliph (religious leader).
  • Dr. SaLee’ Amina shared the stage as a Speaker at the International Islamic Unity Conference with United States Congressman & former Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich, United States Congressman Jim McDermott, His Royal Highness Prince Raj of Malaysia and The President of Chechnya. 
  • Throughout the conference, Dr. SaLee' Amina gave eight speeches on several Islamic topics, some of which drew applause, cheers & standing ovations. 
  • In several sessions of the conference, Dr. SaLee' Amina was joined on the stage by high ranking members of government, religious leaders, ambassadors and professors - such as Dr.  Eshqi of the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Education of Kuwait, a member of Parliament of Indonesia, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Egypt, His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla Al-Dhaheri of the United Arab Emirates - Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed Charitable Trust (the world's largest contributor for charitable & development funds), the Chief Minister of Indonesia, the Sheikh of the Islamic Sharia Court in Palestine, the Deputy Minister of Malaysia, Sheikh Khabbani  & Sheikh Nazim of the Islamic Supreme Council; Ambassadors of Pakistan, Bosnia & Sudan; Professors of University of London, Howard University, DePaul University, George Washington University, University of Leicester, University of Sweden, University of Sudan, Illinois Institute of Technology & Al-Azhar University in Egypt;  Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Sakr of Islamic Center of Diamond Bar, California; and  the  spiritual leaders of Kosovo, Macedonia, Cyprus, Siberia & Russia.
  •  Dr. SaLee' Amina spoke throughout the event, giving eight speeches on individual topics in the program, as well as being a moderator for V.I.P. guest speakers. 
  • At the V.I.P. dinner, it was unanimously decided that of all the Heads of State, government ministers, diplomats, professors & religious leaders, it was SaLee' Amina who should sit at the head of the table (see photo on this homepage.)
  • SaLee's speeches at The Women's Conference included the Role of in Islam, Marriage, Children, Women's Rights and the Importance of mothers and parents as the first educators of their children. SaLee' has been an advocate for Women's Rights for decades, and has a particular fondness for all children.   
  • Although SaLee' Amina is very much involved with activities that protect & serve women, children & families, she has usually functioned professionally in areas that were typically closed to women; yet, she excelled.
  • Some people in the Arabian & Islamic cultures traditionally believed that the only role for women was in the home, but SaLee' advocated that all women must have the right to be treated as equals; while they should have the option of choosing a life to remain at home, marrying or raising children, if they wish; but not because they must.
  • Having an extensive history of Humanitarian activities, SaLee' Amina often selected women to work in charitable projects because it was a means by which they could make an income without raising objections from those who traditionally felt that women should not be involved in business. 
  • Being female in industries that are traditionally dominated by men was nothing new to SaLee' Amina:  Her first college courses were advanced placement in 'concurrent enrollment' at Illinois Institute of Technology, which previously had been an all-male institution, while she was still in High School.  Going where most women did not dare to tread had always been her idea of an excellent challenge, and aiming for the far horizon was always 'status quo' for her, being a courageous risk taker and high-flying adventurer all of her life.   
  • When asked if her personality conflicts with the traditional image of Muslim women, SaLee' replied that the common practice of subjugating women, expecting them to be silent, and insisting that they hold only domestic roles in society is NOT Islamic, but instead, is a cultural or national habit that is centuries old. Islam liberated women, but many dominating patriarchal men want to push women back into the stone age. 
  • When asked if she considers herself a feminist, SaLee' responded, "I am a Muslim in every way, which means that I will stand up for justice, fairness,  ethics, truth and the equitable treatment of all people; and I will stand against any oppression, corruption, evil, mistreatment or violation of the rights of human beings, whether male or female.  Do you think that make me a Feminist?  Perhaps it simply means I am a good & fair person." 
  • SaLee' Amina was a forerunner and role model for women. During the past four decades, she dared to compete against men in male-dominated professions, starting at a time when it was almost unheard of to do so.  Now, women are excelling in all professions. 




  • SaLee' Amina was first invited to Saudi Arabia by Her Royal Highness Princess Noaf Bint Abdul Aziz, daughter of the first king of Saudi.
  • 1980 - SaLee' Amina was a resident of UAE & traveled to all of the Gulf countries; as well as Northern Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan & India. She was an advisor to Saudi companies in England, Tunisia & Syria.
  • SaLee's first did business in the Gulf with a company sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Hasher Al-Maktoum of Dubai. 
  • 1980 -  SaLee' did business in Bahrain, assisted by Mohammed Jalal, an advisor to the Emir at the time, His Highness Sheikh Issa Al-Khalifah. 
  • 1981 - As an advisor to the Minister of Information and NBC News, SaLee’ was responsible for getting the first news of the Iran / Iraq war on television. 
  • 1981 – SaLee’ used her private jet to evacuate people who worked in Iraq and were trying to escape from the bombings, via Jordan. At her own expense.
  • 1981 - SaLee' received a written commendation from His Majesty King Khaled of Saudi Arabia. At the time, she was the First Woman to receive a commendation from the Saudi king, and she was the First American to receive the king's commendation.  
  • 1981 - SaLee' did business as an advisor to the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Kuwait for Civil Aviation.
  • 1981 - SaLee' was requested by His Highness President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, President of UAE, to handle his investments in Europe & America. 
  • 1981 - SaLee' arranged the sale of "The Star of Peace" diamond (170.49 ct., flawless, $22 million USD), which was brought to the UAE.
  • 1982 -  SaLee'  created a solid gold & diamonds sculpture for the Emir of Qatar.
  • She also advised on the development of Qatar's natural gas industry. Initially, after negotiating the sale Agip Petroli assets, SaLee' recommended a joint venture between Qatar &  ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). When UAE did not take the offer, she later brought the deal to friends of hers who were V.P.s at Exxon Mobile,  along with billionaire Daniel K. Ludwig.
  • 1982 - SaLee' created sculptures of solid gold sailing ships for His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei & His Highness Sultan Qaboos of Oman.
  • SaLee' created portraits in solid gold of each of the seven Arab Gulf Rulers. 
  • She created solid gold sculptures of falcons atop gemstone incense burners for each of the rulers, which were presented by the Gulf Cooperation Council. 
  • To celebrate the close historic ties between Bahrain and The United Kingdom, SaLee' created a solid gold sculpture of the Emir of Bahrain and the Queen of England, standing together under a 3 color gold canopy, on a stage of red & black coral.  This was added to SaLee's solid gold sculpture of the Royal Britannia Yacht,  which is now in Buckingham Palace.
  • 1982 - At the request of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (presently the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi), SaLee' negotiated the purchase of air defense helicopters from Lockheed & Bell helicopters.  SaLee' completely waived all of her commissions, instructing the companies to give her fee as a discount on the price to the UAE.   (Thus, she gave UAE $250 million USD).
  • 1984 - SaLee' advised Saudi companies in England, Tunisia & Syria.
  • 1985 - SaLee' worked with Prince Talal Bin Saud, who she said she admired more than any other person, except Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan & Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed.
  • 1987 - SaLee' negotiated the sale of  'fast boats' for the Saudi Royal Navy.
  • 1993 - SaLee' was consultant to Her Royal Highness Princess Alanoud, wife of Saudi King Fahd, in Arizona & California.
  • SaLee' created a gold plated sculpture of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan, to commemorate UAE's 25th Anniversary.
  • SaLee' became business partners with His  Royal Highness Prince Mutaaz Bin Saud Al-Saud (son of the late King Saud & brother-in-law to Waleed Bin Talal). While Prince Mutaaz was Deputy Director of the Saudi National Guard, the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah (later to become King Abdullah) was its Director.
  • 1998 - SaLee' was the only female invited by Saudi as a Speaker at the Inauguration of the King Fahd mosque in Culver City, California (although the Mayor who opened the ceremony was a woman.)  The Director of the King Fahd mosque, Sheikh Khalil Al-Khalil (of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) has known SaLee' Amina for over 20 years.
  • 1998 - SaLee' Amina was designated 'Ambassador of Goodwill for Arabian & Islamic Culture' by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Deputy Consul General (Abdulla Al-Awad). She has continued as an Ambassador of Goodwill for 20 years, and has continued to work with clients from the Arabian Gulf.
  • She has effectively assisted Saudi students gain entry to prestigious universities.
  • SaLee' Amina  holds a multiple visit businesswoman visa to Saudi Arabia.
  • She has made two 'Umrah' holy pilgrimages to Mecca, & was thereafter invited to the 'Hajj' as a VIP guest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.     

FIRST FEMALE & FIRST AMERICAN to receive Saudi King's Commendation



  • (Pictured above)  In 1981, His Majesty King Khaled presented SaLee' with a written commendation.  She was commended by the Saudi King for promoting Islam in the West & correcting misunderstandings about Islam. At the time, the Saudi King had never conveyed a written commendation to a woman, nor to an American.  
  • The Saudi kings' commendation was presented to "SaLee' Louise Barnes" by Saudi Ambassador Al-Romeh, which was before she had her name amended in Dubai Islamic Court to "SaLee' Amina Mohammed".  This adaptation to her full legal name was cross referenced with all USA federal & state government  agencies (as "a.k.a."), & was published in the news.
  • SaLee' brought 1,576 people into Islam, most of whom previously had no faith.
  • 1998-2019 - Throughout twenty years of bringing Islam to the World as an official Ambassador of Goodwill, SaLee' never requested, and she has never received, any salary or payment from anyone; nor reimbursement of expenses. 
  • 2017 - SaLee' appeared on television in Utah, being interviewed on the Trump travel ban on Muslims, Saudi Arabia & Sharia Law. 
  • 2016 – SaLee' was a main writer & editor of an English translation & "Universal Interpretation" of The Holy Quran. Much of it was a duplicate of her 2012 "American Interpretation" that SaLee' Amina had authored & sent by e-mail to several of her long-term contacts, including Dr. Ahmed Sakr of Southern California & Mertze Dahlin of San Jose's South Bay Islamic Center. The 2016 publication does not contain SaLee' Amina Mohammed's name. (A local 'Imam' put his name alone on her work, contrary to his promises to SaLee' Amina, & it is being used to raise money for a mosque in the L.A. area; although nothing whatsoever has been paid to her for her extensive work).
  • 2013 – SaLee' Amina was invited to MECCA, as a V.I.P. guest of THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.
  • 2013 – SaLee' Authored ‘Rights of Women, as Established by Islam, 1400 years ago’.
  • 2012 - SaLee' Amina performed the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina.
  • 2012 – SaLee' attended Dubai Humanitarian Conference DUBAI UAE (Representative).
  • 2012 – SaLee' wrote "An American Interpretation of the Holy Quran" (much of which was used in a 2016 book, published under a different title.)
  • 2008 - SaLee' took part in the free distribution of food to impoverished people in Northern Pakistan, during the month of Ramadan.  
  • 2003 - His Highness Ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud joined in SaLee' Amina's legal challenge against certain California laws that targeted Muslims & Arabs. Due to her extraordinary efforts, Muslims could no longer be arrested or prosecuted for actions which had previously harassed them.
  • 2002 - SaLee' was interviewed about Saudi Arabia & she explained several of the policies & cultural habits that are misunderstood by some Westerners.
  • 2001 - SaLee' appeared on Fox News, as an Ambassador of Goodwill, and she explained that the tragedy of the 9/11 incident was perpetrated by maligned individuals, and was not an act of any Middle East government. 
  • SaLee' taught Islamic topics to students in elementary school. 
  • 1998 - SaLee' was a speaker at the International Islamic Unity Conference, televised on C-SPAN. ( 
  • 1998 - SaLee' was designated an Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Culture by the Deputy Consul of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consulate in L.A.
  • 1998 - SaLee' Amina was a Speaker at the inauguration of the King Fahd mosque in Culver City, CA.
  • 1986 - SaLee' Amina started the Muslim Service Bureau, to assist destitute Muslim women & children. 
  • 1986 - SaLee' performed the 'Umrah' pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
  • 1983 - SaLee' Amina established a charitable trust in old Delhi, India, for poor Muslims. She took no pay, received no salary & she refused to hold any position in the trust , nor to benefit in any way.
  • 1982 - SaLee' established humanitarian programs in Africa for water wells, mobile medical clinics, mobile schools & libraries; as well as agriculture & aquaculture projects.
  • 1982 - In Nigeria, SaLee' was a consultant on the Abuja project, under President Shehu Shagari.
  • 1980 (Sept 26) - SaLee' evacuated refugees (women & children) from the Iran/Iraq war, via Jordan, in her private Jet, provided for her use by a clients who were the Minister of Information & Culture of UAE, and NBC News and Arab Wings; putting her own life at risk for the sake of saving lives of people she did not even know. The  cost for each trip between Dubai and Amman Jordan, to bring refugees from the war was approximately $5,000.00 per trip, which SaLee' agreed to pay, so as to save lives of war refugees. 

Ambassador - Promoting Interfaith Harmony & Global Relations

2012 Dr. SaLee' Amina at Interfaith "Prayer Over the City"


  • SaLee' Amina was invited as a Speaker in 2012 & again in 2014 to represent the religion of Islam in the inter-faith 'Prayer Over the City".  Demonstrating the many similarities in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been involved in several interfaith projects, internationally. 
  • During both Interfaith events on New Years Eve, at the Mormon Tabernacle, in St. George, Utah, Dr. SaLee' Amina was the only representative of the Muslim religion invited to take part in the conference.
  • For the past 20 years, SaLee' has represented the best interests of the Muslims and Arabs, and has sought to correct misunderstandings & promote good relations. Throughout two decades, SaLee' had never taken any salary for this humanitarian work & interfaith advocacy.  
  • Dr. SaLee' Amina has often spoken of the importance of educating people as to the numerous important similarities between the Jewish, Christian & Islamic religions; and she has stressed the need to create harmony and cooperation.
  • SaLee' believes that hate is fostered by those who both misunderstand the facts and who have been induced towards a negative stance by vested interest groups, who promote hostility.  
  • SaLee' has often stated that it is important to focus on the positive influence of all religions in society, and to join forces against evil, not against each other. 
  • Having represented Islam and the Arabs for over twenty years, SaLee' has been a strong influence in repairing disagreements between different factions and in creating  agreement and harmony among those groups and individuals who previously were at odds with Muslims.  
  •  SaLee' has been an effective Interfaith mediator, with extensive education about numerous cultures & religions.  Harboring no prejudices, she can connect with audiences of all ages, nationalities & denominations. 

(See YouTube:  International Islamic Conference in Washington D.C. - Dr. SaLee' Amina on C-SPAN  T.V. )

While supporting the rights of Palestinians, she promotes positive dialogue with the Jews.


  • The Jewish Journal (pictured here) reported on the activities of Dr. SaLee' Amina, who has been an important Interfaith link within the community.
  • For several decades, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been a consistent & effective voice for Muslims, but also especially for promoting Interfaith harmony.  SaLee' has taken part in Interfaith events throughout the world, and has attended conferences that are directly involved with seeking solutions to the misunderstandings & conflicts between Jews & Muslims.  
  • As SaLee' has stated in several speeches, The mono-theistic religions of Judaism, Christianity & Islam share numerous traditional values, guidelines & principles.  In fact, Jewish history is incorporated into both Christianity and Islam.
  • Muslims regard the Children of Israel as an important religious concept and in the Quran, Jews and Christians (who are called the 'People of the Book' in the Quran) are referred to with respect, not animosity.   
  • In several televised interviews, Dr. SaLee' Amina stressed the fact that Moses, the most important prophet of Judaism, is also considered a prophet and messenger in Islam & also in Christianity.  She explained that each of the mono-theistic religions evolve from the leadership of the original patriarch, Abraham (Ibrahim), who is mentioned 67 times in the Quran.  Moses is mentioned by name 135 times in the Quran, and referred to indirectly a few more times, making Moses more spoken of in the Quran than any other prophet; and the Torah is one of the sacred books in Islam.
  • Over several decades of leadership, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been a voice of calm & has promoted understanding and resolution of conflicts, especially between the Jews & Muslims, as well as between the Palestinians and the Israelis. 

 (See YouTube:  on FOX NEWS  - Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed, Ambassador of Goodwill - )     

(See YouTube:  The Palestinian / Israeli issue - Dr. SaLee' Amina lecturing at San Jose' College - )

Dr. SaLee' Amina - Accepted by all cultures, a friend to all people, an Ambassador among religions


  • Throughout SaLee's life, she studied numerous religions, always believing that the similarities greatly outnumber the differences.  Dr. SaLee' Amina has often explained that Muslims and Mormons share several views as to the prohibitions against harmful conduct, and both religions dissuade its followers from engaging in lewd or promiscuous conduct, forbidding sex outside of marriage; and also, in advising against the use of intoxicants in any form, as well as gambling.  
  • Having close ties to Utah, where one of Dr. SaLee' Amina's sons spent most of his university training, while attaining four college degrees, she has extensively studied the Mormon religion (which is called "LDS" or "Later Day Saints" by its followers.)  
  • SaLee' has often been called upon to represent Islam at Interfaith gatherings, and has read the Quran at the Mormon Tabernacle, as well as at Catholic mass and Christmas services.  There are numerous events described in the Christian Bible which are also relayed in the Quran, such as the annunciation of the expected birth of Jesus by the angel Gabriel, and the birth of Jesus of the virgin Mary, without the intervention of any mortal man.  
  • Muslims accept Jesus as the Messiah, who rose into heaven body & soul; & both Christians and Muslims believe Jesus will come again.  Jesus is mentioned in the Quran  25 times by name (He is called "Isa" in Arabic), referred to in the third-person 48 times, in the first-person 35 times, and also by various titles. 
  • In televised interviews, SaLee' has pointed out that the Quran mentions  miracles performed by Jesus that are beyond what is mentioned in the Holy Bible and an entire chapter of the Quran is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. Most Christians do not realize that Islam has very much in common with Christianity. But, strangely, Muslims appear to be excluded in the concept of the 'Judeo-Christian' philosophy.  

See YouTube:  2017 interview with Dr. SaLee' Amina in Utah:

As an international liaison, Dr. SaLee' Amina's position is unique & valuable.


  • As an Ambassador of Goodwill, SaLee' is consistently involved in promoting harmony & goodwill, as well as increasing trade & cooperation between countries, especially as concerns the relationship between the United States & Arab & Muslim countries. 
  • SaLee' Amina has also been strongly footed in international business and has repeatedly been called upon  as a liaison between American corporations or individuals and Arabian Gulf leaders.  She has sometimes been instrumental at advancing USA interests in other parts of the world, although she has never been officially employed by any government; however, she has advised several heads of countries & Ministers of governments.  
  • Also, SaLee' has never accepted commissions for her work as an expert negotiator for military defense or oil contracts.  When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan sought Apache military helicopters for the UAE Air Force, which are manufactured in the USA, he turned to SaLee' Amina Mohammed, who was able to negotiate exactly what the Crown Prince wanted ("MBZ" is pictured above with President Obama).  SaLee' Amina accompanied him in meetings, arranged demonstrations for him and they even flew in Apache helicopters together over the California desert (in separate helicopters.)
  • SaLee' Amina refused to accept any commission on the deal, and instead, she instructed Lockheed to discount her ten percent commission from the total price to the UAE.  In essence, she gave the UAE hundreds of millions of dollars, by taking no commission for herself!  The USA manufacturers said that SaLee' was the only person who ever refused to accept the commission (which was $250 million USD).

For nearly 4 decades, she united those who previously were enemies, to cooperate towards common good


  • In 1981, King Khaled Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud issued a written commendation to SaLee'  (Barnes) Mohammed, which was at a time that the king had never issued any commendation to a woman before, nor to an American.  
  • SaLee' Amina has always maintained a close relationship with the Arabian Gulf States & with all Muslim countries.  She has traveled to 42 countries on 5 continents, and she finds no difficulty in adjusting to & embracing multiple global cultures. 
  • Very often, SaLee' has worked with no acknowledgement, even in business, she often allows the principle clients to take the spotlight; with her satisfaction coming from knowing that she has done an excellent job and has made a meaningful positive difference.
  • SaLee' has never taken any payment for any of her Interfaith work, nor for her humanitarian or Ambassadorial work.  
  • SaLee' believes that all religions and denominations basically attempt to lead people towards living better lives and all faiths have the right to be respected.
  • SaLee' asserts that all people have the right to believe as they feel inclined to do, whether she agrees with them or not; and that she does not like that every denomination & religion insists that their way alone is the ONLY correct path, and all others are wrong.
  • A quote from SaLee' Amina: "Certainly, God must really love diversity, because He sure did create a heck of a lot of it!"

(See YouTube:  Dr. SaLee' Amina interviewed on Saudi Arabia (2002) )


(CLICK on "Ambassador"  at top or bottom of this website),,, Contact:

Dr. SaLee' Amina is featured in many Interfaith conferences, & at churches, temples & synagogues


  • In 1998, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia designated Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed an Honorary Ambassador of goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Culture, which was conveyed upon her by the Deputy Consul General for Los Angeles, His Excellency Abdullah Al-Awad.  
  • For twenty years, SaLee' has carried out the duties of being an Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill, and has never received compensation or reimbursement for any of her ambassadorial activities.
  • When asked why she is such a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia, SaLee' replied, "In the Western mind, Saudi is the leader of the Islamic world, even though it is a small percentage of the world population of Muslims.  So, attacks against Saudi or its leaders reflects strongly on the world view of Islam. Also, the two main holiest locations in Islam is in the area known as Saudi Arabia. Therefore,  I support Saudi & its important relationship with the United States; but I more so support Islam, global cooperation, peace and all of humanity."
  • SaLee' has attended events and services at numerous locations, having visited every religion represented in the global population.  Although she may not agree with the same religious ideas or practices, she feels that every religion is basically trying to inspire people to live better lives, however, she also has often stated that one common denominator she has seen among people, regardless of their religious denomination, is hypocrisy. 
  • SaLee' has stated that she judges people by the quality of their character and by their actions, not by whatever religion they profess to follow. v=y7SFvdnqVq0

Dr. SaLee' Amina - Advisor to Spiritual & Political Leaders

1998 SaLee' Amina - A Speaker at C-SPAN televised coverage of 3 day Unity Conference


His Excellency, Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqani Nakshbandi, Turkish leader of 'Sufi' (mystic) Muslims is pictured here with Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed.  Sheikh Nazim has known SaLee' Amina for over 30 years & they have spent several 'Ramadan' holy months; praying & fasting together, with Muslims in London, England. 

Being a convert to Islam, SaLee' Amina welcomes every sect of Muslims. She does not discriminate among them, believing  that the Quran is the basis of religious theology for all Muslims, & the example shown in the lifestyle & teachings of the Prophet Mohammed are more important than the small differences among sects.   

His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla Al-Dhaheri of UAE with Dr. SaLee' Amina.


Dr. SaLee' Amina was joined by His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla, as Speakers at the International Forum. Sheikh Abdulla Al-Dhaheri is Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed Humanitarian Trust, which is the largest humanitarian trust in the world - donating approximately four hundred million dollars per year in humanitarian aid ($400,000,000.00). Both Dr. SaLee' Amina & Sheikh Abdullah spoke at the Unity Conference. SaLee' Amina praised the vision of His Highness Sheikh Zayed. 

In 1980, SaLee' first made the prediction in newspapers about the fabulous fate of the UAE - stating it would become one of the most prosperous & progressive countries in the world. Sheikh Abdulla has known SaLee' Amina since 1998.  SaLee' was also his guest in Abu Dhabi in 2008. 

The President of Chechnya, with Dr. SaLee' Amina at the head of the table


Washington D.C., 1998 -  After the eight speeches given by Dr. SaLee' Amina during the International Islamic Unity Conference, the Speakers joined together for a banquet in honor of the President of Chechnya.

Dr. SaLee' Amina was chosen to sit at the head of the table, surrounded by all of the high ranking dignitaries, the President of Chechnya, the Sheikhs & Her Imperial Highness Sultana Nadine, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Kabbani (Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council), His Excellency Sheikh Nazim Haqani Nakshabandi, Her Imperial Highness Sultana Nadine, the Ambassadors of Pakistan & of Bosnia, & the Grand Mufti spiritual leader of Kosovo. 

Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana D'Osman with Dr. SaLee' Amina


 Dr. SaLee' Amina gave eight speeches at the International Islamic Unity Conference,  under the patronage of The Islamic Supreme Council, which was televised by C-SPAN, broadcast internationally, and attended by over 3,000 people.  SaLee' is pictured here with Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana, who  is the direct descendant of the last Ottomon Empire Muslim Caliph, in Istanbul.   SaLee' has an ability to blend in with all people & she believes that it is important to focus on similarities; and to practice acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness & compassion, rather than to widen the divides between people. 

2002 & 2003 - Dr. SaLee' Amina at the Arab Business Club, pictured here with Polish Ambassador


As an honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Cultures, SaLee' Amina is often invited to events which are of special interest to leaders in the Middle East, and which promote Western / Middle Eastern co-operation, and which affect the Arabian Gulf region & the Islamic population, which is nearly 23% of the global population, and the second largest religion in the world.  As an Ambassador, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been very effective, both with Muslim & non-Muslim audiences.  Her greater focus is on World Peace, harmony, prosperity, productivity & co-operation; joining together to make the world a better place for all of humanity & for all future generations.

Professional Negotiator, Investment Advisor, Public Speaker- SaLee' Amina is a top Opinion Leader


Dr. SaLee' Amina shared the stage with The Honorable President Maskhadov of Chechnya, the United States Congressmen Dennis Kucinich & Jim McDermott; the Ambassadors of Pakistan, Bosnia & Suda; Sheikh Rifa'i of the Islamic Sharia Court in Palestine, the Deputy Minister  of Malaysia, HRH Prince Raj Ashman Perek of Malaysia, Sufi Sheikhs Khabbani & Nazim; the Professors of University of London, DePaul University, Howard University & University of Sudan; Spiritual leaders of Siberia, Bosnia & Macedonia; Sheikh Ahmed Sakr of Islamic Center of Diamond Bar, California & Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dhaheri of UAE. 

World Trade Center disaster


2001 Fox News Dr SaLee' Amina

  • The World Trade Center disaster was not a reflection of Islam or the sentiments of most Muslims.  Throughout the day and into the night, Fox News repeatedly interviewed Dr. SaLee' Amina, as an Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Cultures.   
  • While the world was shocked by the events of 9/11, SaLee' Amina was repeatedly invited by Fox News to comment on television about the situation, and to provide focus, calm and insight during the tragedy.

SaLee' Amina - A Dignitary & Guest of Government Leaders

2017 - Dr. SaLee' Amina with Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski


Having always been an advocate of Women being allowed equal rights and an equal chance in all phases of society, business & government, Dr. SaLee' Amina  attended an event with the Salt Lake City Mayor, one of the more progressive female mayors in the  U.S.. SaLee' has always been an advocate of women being accepted in positions that previously had been usually held only by men. 


The event focused on the important needs of senior citizens and coordinating more involvement from the community with the Office of the Mayor.  

Mayor Biskupski wrote Dr. SaLee' Amina a personal hand-written note, praising SaLee's life long accomplishments.

Dr. SaLee' Amina with California State Assemblyman, The Honorable Adrin Nazarian


SaLee' Amina joined California Assemblyman Nazarian in his efforts to keep his district in the Los Angeles area a safe and peaceful place for women & families to live.   They are photographed at an event to promote safety practices for women, girls and vulnerable seniors & disabled.  SaLee' has always been an advocate of martial arts as a means of self defense and she strongly believes that a sense of self confidence makes women & girls less vulnerable to dangerous or life threatening situations.  SaLee' Amina is as an advocate for women & children, & she promotes programs that focus on preventative education, family counseling & rehabilitation.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer designates SaLee' as "Most Valuable Citizen"


Pictured here is Senior Lead Officer Dan Del Valle, with Dr. SaLee' Amina, who has often supported law enforcement in community activities and has served as a fundraiser for Sheriff's Department programs to get Teens off Drugs, as well as in keeping neighborhoods safe and protecting the public against fraud, scams  & corruption.  However, despite her great respect for those who put their lives at risk to protect others, SaLee' was also deeply involved in exposing the 'bad apples' within law enforcement, Sheriff's Department, the District Attorneys's office & the Judiciary; so as to save the innocent lives that had been preyed upon by corrupt individuals within the system.  The photo is taken during an event where Officer Del Valle named SaLee' "Most Valuable Citizen."

2013 - SaLee' at Abu Dhabi Investment Meeting, under the Patronage of UAE Minister of Foreign Trade


· Although considered an expert on Economics & Islamic Finance, one of SaLee' Amina's signature traits is being above the influence of money, despite being surrounded by some of the wealthiest leaders in the world. 

· Her integrity, sense of uncompromising ethics, courage, awareness and ability to comprehend issues from multiple viewpoints is rare. 

· She has become well known for her heartfelt humility & consideration for all parties concerned; being dutifully focused on mutually beneficial international relations, while producing the exact results desired by her clients.

· SaLee' was originally exposed to international relations as a student delegate to the United Nations. Standing in the Security Council meeting room, she vowed to stand for peace and stability among nations, and to make a positive difference in the world.

An Advocate for the Civil Rights, and for EQUAL rights for Women in the workplace - in all countries


Successful as a businesswoman in male dominated careers & in patriarchal societies, Dr. SaLee' Amina has always been known for her extraordinary concern for humanity and her sincere compassion for women, children & families.

She has advocated for women, children & families since her earliest employment, and has never abandoned her interest in advocating and assisting those in need, especially women & children.  

As a fundraiser and humanitarian, her assistance has touched the lives of thousands, as was acknowledged in the Governor's Commendation to her in 2009.

Although most average people are typically motivated by selfish personal interests, Dr. SaLee' Amina has never sought, nor received, pay or financial reward from her humanitarian efforts; including during 20 years as an official Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill.

She has often offered her services, on a voluntary basis, out of sincere compassion, to help those most vulnerable individuals in society.

SaLee' Amina - involved in the local community, often volunteering


Pictured here with California Fireman Fernandez, SaLee' wears a 45 pound firefighter jacket (pictured above) and is introduced to the 150 pounds of equipment and fire-proof gear that firefighters have to carry up flights of stairs, ascending at one flight per minute. 

Dr. SaLee' Amina believes in supporting those who support others.  Therefore, she has often volunteered and assisted with fundraising for law enforcement, firefighters, community projects & non-profit organizations.

During the 2018 - 2019 California wild fires, SaLee' Amina was a volunteer, assisting those who were forced into homelessness by the disastrous destruction wrought by fire, which caused crisis & economic collapse to many families.

SaLee' Amina took part in the Community Day activities to familiarize the general public with the extraordinary risks firefighters face, and to advocate for better wages & hours, & for more support services for firefighters & their families.

Adviser, Negotiator, Ambassador, Advocate, Writer & Artist


Legal Advocate, Civil Rights Activist



(Pictured above is 'The Lion Advocate', a painting by SaLee')    

As a legal advocate, SaLee' Amina stood up for Civil Rights and against corruption. For years, she wrote reports against certain corrupt powerful individuals, who were hiding behind their positions, while engaging in egregiously wrongful conduct. With the courage to speak truth to power, SaLee' put her career and her freedom at risk by reporting a Judge, a Deputy Prosecuting District Attorney, a Sheriff and 23 law enforcement and correctional officers who she believed were corrupt. SaLee' had been warned that her decision to confront corruption would make her a target. At the time, she had two adult children and her youngest son, a high school student, was still  living at home. Knowing that her risky activities against corruption could negatively impact his life, she asked his permission to pursue the very dangerous legal advocacy for Civil Rights. He replied in a personal note to her, which said:  "Dear Mother, There are very few people who can stand up against corruption. You are one of those few people. And if you back down, that would be one person less who can make a difference. Never give up!  Love, your son." (He is now an Attorney-At-Law, with four university degrees).



Writer and Film/T.V. - Producer, Director, Actor

(Pictured above is 'Sensitive Tiger', a painting by SaLee')     As a writer, SaLee' sold three Hollywood screenplays (including one to the head of Paramount Studios), one of the plays she wrote was produced in Hollywood.  She also wrote seven books & booklets and her poetry and articles have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Her first poem was published in the local 'Pennysaver' newspaper, when SaLee' was only five years old, in the first grade.  

SaLee' authored seven books, booklets & articles; and she was a 'ghostwriter' & editor for other writers.  A play written by her was produced in Hollywood, CA., and she sold three movie scripts. 

In television, two of the T.V. commercials that she helped to produce won International acclaimed "Clio" awards, and she was involved in numerous theatrical plays, two T.V. series, one feature film and eight T.V. commercials. 

In 2012, she wrote "An American interpretation of The Holy Quran," & in 2016, she was hired to write "A Universal Interpretation" of The Holy Quran. 

(CLICK on "Film/TV),  E-mail:


A Career that is Multi-Faceted, like a Diamond

(Pictured above is 'Blue eyed Panther,' a painting by SaLee')     Artwork by SaLee' Amina has been collected by celebrities & heads of state throughout the world.  Formally, operating from her jewelry factory in Geneva, Switzerland, she created unique objects of art, sculptures & custom jewelry & watched for private clients; and also, her designs were sold wholesale to Cartier, Piaget, Patek Phillipe & Bucheron. Very few artists are also involved in business, but SaLee' has always successfully pursued business and the Arts, concurrently.   


SaLee' began her professional career in the arts at 14 years old.  Before going on to college, she had been a young athlete, successfully competing locally, statewide and regionally as a figure skater, for which she won numerous trophies; and she was often written about in local newspapers.  


Thereafter, moving on into business, investments, international negotiations, law & diplomacy, SaLee' has always concurrently continued her involvement in the arts, as a designer, sculptor & painter.  

 (CLICK "Sculptures" & "Paintings," See:


The Britannia Royal Yacht sculpture, designed & created by SaLee' Amina & Gerard Jolie

ARTWORKS, SCULPTURES, PAINTINGS, JEWELRY – by Artist / Designer SaLee’ Amina )                  As pictured online (upper right drop-down menu “Art”)

1. DIAMOND & GOLD NECKLACE - Portrait in 18 kt Gold, with Oval of Diamonds. Purchased by THE SULTAN OF OMAN (HIS MAJESTY SULTAN QABOOS) (2” portrait in gold on 18” gold chain, with diamonds) Another similar copy was made with the portrait of HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN ZAYED AL-NAHYAN, CROWN PRINCE OF ABU DHABI, DEP. SUPREME COMMANDER OF UAE ARMED FORCES

2. SCULPTURE FALCON ON GEMSTONE INCENSE BURNER - 18 kt gold & sodalite semi-precious gemstone (12” tall).

Purchased by former Emir of Bahrain (ISSA AL-KHALIFA)  Other similar copies were made for the former King of Saudi (HIS MAJESTY KING FAHD AL-SAUD), former Emir of Kuwait (HIS HIGHNESS EMIR AHMED JABER AL-SABAH), former Emir of Qatar (HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AL-THANI), former President of United Arab Emirates (HIS HIGHNESS SHEIK ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL-NAHYAN), THE Sultan of Oman (HIS MAJESTY SULTAN QABOOS), former PRESIDENT OF YEMEN; which were purchased by the Gulf Cooperation Council.

3. GOLD PORTRAITS OF RULING FAMILIES - 14 kt gold and Lucite crystal (8”x10”)


4. SCULPTURE OF THE BRITANNIA ROYAL YACHT - 18 kt gold (yellow, white, red & green gold) coral, granite, crystal, sodalite gemstone.

Owned by  QUEEN ELIZABETH II OF ENGLAND – installed at BUCKINGHAM PALACE. It was confirmed by the Curator of the Queen’s Royal Collection, Jonathon Marsden that Salee’ Amina’s sculpture was displayed at THE TOWER OF LONDON, viewed by over 300,000 visitors.  Unveiled at a celebration of  Bahrain & U.K.  (approx .2’ long)

5. L’ARCH DE TRIUMPHE  (oil painting)

6. SCULPTURE - SAILING SHIP - 18 kt gold, with circular portrait on sail (18”)


Another copy was made for SULTAN QABOOS, SULTAN OF OMAN

7. FISHING BOAT ON STORMY SEA  (oil painting)

8. SEASHORE BY DAY (oil painting)

9. ARAB LADY PORTRAIT (oil painting)

10. SCULPTURE OF SHEIKH ZAYED AND CHILD - gold plated (3’ tall) inscribed - “Sheikh Zayed, Protector of the Children”  Displayed at UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Anniversary


12. GOLD SCULPTURE OF ORYXES, WITH PORTRAIT IN GOLD - Portrait of former Emir HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AL-THANI OF QATAR - of 14kt gold (2.5 kilos of gold in each oryx) on onyx stand, with tiger eye poll, with diamond eyes and trim.


14. BROWN & YELLOW IRISES (oil painting)

15. BLACK PANTHER - Pen and Ink & watercolor painting

16. SCULPTURE OF AMERICAN EAGLE - Ironwood, 5’ tall eagle (8’ wingspan, on 4’ stand)


17. BRACELET & MATCHING RING - classic style white & yellow gold, melee’ diamonds. (Purchased by  PRINCESS GRACE OF MONACO)  

18. Ruby & pearls & diamonds necklace - yellow gold oval, cabochon ruby & melee’ diamonds, strand of pearls, gold beads (created for PRINCESS DIANA of Windsor) 

19. RUBY & SAPHIRE HEART NECKLACE - stylized yellow gold heart of melee’ diamonds, with cabochon ruby and cabochon sapphire. Purchased by former first lady  JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS (to symbolize “Carolyn & John-John”).  

20. RUBIES & DIAMONDS STYLIZED HEART - melee’ rubies and melee’ diamonds on necklace of diamond melee’ hearts & gold beads (created for WIFE OF SAUDI KING FAHD)

21. GOLD & DIAMOND PERFUME BOTTLES - six 18kt gold bottles, with diamond and black jet coral trim (for HER HIGHNESS, PRINCESS AL-ANOUD OF SAUDI)




25. DIAMOND FLOWERS MATCHING SET - diamond melee’ Necklace, Ring & Earrings.  2 copies were made - one set in white gold & one set in yellow gold.  (Purchased by Family of  KING OF KING FAHD AL-SAUD)




Testimony of California two-term Mayor, and Town Councilman, in support of SaLee' Amina

     "I am writing to express support for Salee’ Amina Barnes – Mohammed. I have known Salee’ for several years, and have only known her to be a honest forthright individual.

     I first met Salee’ in 2014 shortly after her return from the Middle East, where she was working as a business consultant, and an advocate for woman’s rights. Subsequently, Salee’ had shared with me various entrepreneurial endeavors, often with philanthropic goals and always in support of woman and children’s causes. The betterment and support of local resources to help others is foremost in her mind in every community where Salee finds herself."

With sincere respect,  

The Honorable Joshua Jay Susman

Former elected Mayor, now a Town Council member, Truckee, California

      (This document was filed in a Court)

Sworn Testimony of Christian minister, Rev. David Clark

      "I have known Ms. Salee Amina (Dr. Salee Amina Barnes – Mohammed) for over twenty five years as being of the highest character; not only honorable, ethical, moral and honest; but to the utmost degree."  


       "I am an ordained minister of the Churches of God in Christ, and I host of two television shows, which are broadcast locally and internationally. 

        I hold degrees in Psychology and Business, and have received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Columbia University (2014) for 40 years in Public Health Policy Research, Teacher’s College Leadership Award for Excellence in Environmental Health, and have been officially acknowledged by the Pennsylvania State Legislature House Resolution Number 645 (in 2002). 

      I previously was contracted with the U.S Department of Defense for the supply of medical products program, and was the designated recipient of a distinguished presentation from President Bill Clinton on behalf of a USS Cole fallen soldier. Also, I was nominated as an honorary humanitarian ambassador for the Zimbabwe HIV project and I am the composer of the critically acclaimed Anti-Drug Anthem for the State of Pennsylvania.  My brother is an attorney in Washington D.C. and my father is pastor of one of the largest African-American churches in America."


       I have had the opportunity of observing Salee Amina in numerous business transactions, especially during a time when she negotiated very large contracts, some years ago, while I was licensed as an agent for the United States Department of Defense. I have often personally observed her demonstrate a very highly developed ethical nature, even turning away large commissions offered to her, in an effort to maintain the strictest standards of honorable conduct."

      "I have seen, in business, she is literally referred to as “the incorruptible.” I have heard it stated that her word is gold. It is my strong conviction that very few, if any, have the internal fortitude of such a conviction of integrity and ethics as does Ms. Salee Amina, which is a fact that I have personally seen demonstrated by her time and time again, throughout two decades of my knowing her."

      "She is remarkable is many ways, and demonstrates every trait that would be called 'Christian Values,' without seeking praise or acknowledgment for her numerous good deeds and continual compassion and generosity. The stamina, courage and positive attitude, even in the face of most challenging circumstances is uncanny and her willingness to stand up for what is right, just and fair has been extraordinary."

      "Throughout over twenty years of knowing her, she has never varied from being forthright, honest, decent and truly kind in spirit".

Reverend David Clark, Church of God in Christ,  Pennsylvania 

(Sworn under the penalty of perjury & filed in Superior Court)

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Sworn Testimony of Pastor of a Christian church in California:

    "I do hereby swear and depose:

I am an ordained minister, since my early 20's, and I was president of ‘Athletes in Action for Christ.’ I swear that I would not lie for Ms. Salee Amina, nor for anyone else. I state the facts in this brief because they are the whole truth. I have no hesitation to stand up for Ms. Salee Amina in any courtroom in any country in the world, and to testify as to what I have personally witnessed of her very high level of integrity. She is very honest, ethical, moral, spiritual, considerate, kind, generous, decent and humble.  I am the author of four books, one of which I dedicated to Ms. Salee Amina, wherein I called her "a gift from God".  

    I have known Salee Amina for 38 years, and I know her to be in every way good, ethical, honorable, honest and decent. That is a fact. It is what I know to be the real truth. It is what I have seen, consistently. The degree of integrity that this woman exhibits in every day of her life is something very unusual. It reflects in everything she does and says. I have seen that in her, every time.

    I am 57 years old, and throughout the entire 38 years of my knowing Ms. Salee Amina, I have personally witnessed her to not only be honest and honorable, but she is extremely honest, far beyond normal. When she says something, you could bet money that it is exactly as she says, without deviation, without exaggeration, without embellishing anything. I have heard some people say, “Her word is Gold.”

    "LACK OF ANY MALICE OR VEXATIOUS NATURE: I have never, not even once, witnessed her being deceptive, manipulative, retaliatory, vindictive, vexatious, revengeful, malicious, greedy or selfish. I have never seen her do any wrongful, dishonest or dishonorable thing. I have observed her extraordinary capacity for forgiveness, kindness, understanding and consideration for others.  I have always seen her to be a character of integrity - being respectable, compassionate, decent and moral.

    "OF ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE I KNOW, SHE IS THE MOST REMARKABLE: I would go so far as to say that her degree of modesty, honesty, respectability and integrity is without compare among anyone I have ever known in my life, and I have certainly known many very high ranking people through the years: The famous boxer, Mohammed Ali, was my friend and my sponsor for the 1980 Olympics (I won NCAA championships, and was ranked in the top 5 in the USA and 15th in the world, in weightlifting.) San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who I have known for many years, assisted me in raising $3 million for one of my projects. Actor Danny Glover is a very good friend of mine, who introduced me to actor/singer Harry Belefonte. For 33 years, I have been close friends with the famous composer, Edwin Hawkins, who wrote the #1 gospel song in the world, “Oh Happy Day.” As a building contractor, I built Edwin Hawkin’s church, his recording studio and his restaurant, and I was his road manager for 9 ½ years. Last year, I did a banquet for California Governor Jerry Brown, and I also did a banquet for the NAACP and Dr. Amos Brown (who is pastor of one of the oldest black churches in America, and who marched with Martin Luther King).  For 40 years I have been friends with the television/radio personality and gospel music performer and producer, Emmet Powell, as well as (singer) Bobby Womack (who recently passed) and his wife, Pat Womack. I spent some of my career as a personal bodyguard to His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, of Abu Dhabi, who was Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and is now Special Advisor to the President of the UAE (who is Sheikh Sultan’s brother). In fact, it was Salee Amina who got me that position with His Highness".


Sincerely, Reverend Vincent Ken Lackey;  Pastor of 'His Lordship's Congregation for Christ,' Oakland, California 

 (Sworn under penalty of perjury, notarized & filed in Superior Court.)  

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Testimony of U.S. Department of Defense Medical Vendor:

"This missive is sent to your attention in the form of my highest personal reference for one of the finest Muslim women I have had the privilege of serving with, (SaLee') Amina Mohammed. ...   In my opinion, her potential to negotiate with her own sophisticated style is superior and ranks high with the best of them. Equally important (SaLee') Amina is of uniquely high personal integrity.

It has also been my observation...that she is a very industrious problem solver, regardless of the job to be done.  I am impressed by (SaLee') Amina's steadfast determination, her personal courage and perceptive capabilities.  As a creative talent, she excels under pressure.  (SaLee') Amina has a natural gifted instinct to communicate across a wide spectrum of demographic and psychographic characters.  She exudes a personal warmth that is captivating, especially within interpersonal and small group settings.

This quality of character shows itself again and again in her Islamic devotion such that the distinctive nature of her faith has lasting presence.  (SaLee') Amina is a creator ans an innovator.  She has been a tremendous asset to many production teams and her experience and outstanding record merit a second look."

D.L. Clark, 'ELF Ltd.' (DAPA military vendor)    March 6, 1997

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Honorary Professor Occidental College, Jewish master artist:


"My name is Perli Pelzig, and I have been creating art for more than six decades, having produced most of the stained glass windows in the numerous synagogues in Los Angeles, and having created sculptures & acrylic paintings on display on four continents. ... I also created the "Curtain of Respect" at Occidental College.  

As a professional artist all my life, now having passed more than eighty years old, I can say that I have met many artists in my years, but never one who is as talented, diverse, professional and creative as SaLee' Amina.  We shared an (Art) studio together in Hollywood, from 1996 to 1998, and I was always amazed at her vast knowledge of art, plus her remarkable and rare ability to create remarkable works of art in multiple mediums.

Most artists are good at one specialty, in which they can excel. But, SaLee' Amina not only can easily create in virtually any artistic medium, but she can handle any subject matter, and excels in all of them. Her delicately carved solid gold sculptures are as astonishing as her huge bronze sculptures".

     Perli Pelzig,  Los Angeles & Jerusalem


 "Dr. SaLee' Amina is a person who follows her personal commitments to an ethical and moral lifestyle, despite there being no impetus for her to do so: As a U.S. citizen, she has the liberty to live any type of lifestyle, yet she has personally chosen to devote her life to humanitarianism, academics and spreading her effective vision for world peace and prosperity, through her business advisory consultations with international opinion leaders, heads of state and powerful multi-national corporations; convincing them to invest in 'profit with a purpose'. Most would be chasing the money, but she strives to make a meaningful difference. That is what makes her unique." 

Gerald Posey, businessman (Douglas County, Nevada):

" I also personally know Ms. Salee Amina Mohammed to be completely innocent… I have never met anyone with as much concern about others, as Salee.  Her integrity is above reproach.  She has the highest regard for honesty and treating people with respect.  I have watched Ms. Salee’ demonstrate a high level of integrity and honesty and charitable humanitarianism. I have seen Salee demonstrate compassion for others on several occasions.  I have never met anyone with as much concern about others, as Salee.  Her integrity is above reproach.  She has the highest regard for honesty and treating people with respect".    

(Sworn under penalty of perjury & filed in Court.)

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International Islamic Unity Conference - Program of Speakers

Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Speaker with Her Royal Highness Princess Raja of indonesia


1998 - INTERNATIONAL UNITY CONFERENCE, WASHINGTON D.C. - THE WOMEN'S CONFERENCE: Dr. SaLee' Amina spoke throughout the event, giving a speech for most of the individual topics on the program.  SaLee's first speech was at The Women's Conference, where she appeared with Her Royal Highness Princess Raja Eleena Bint Sultan Azian of Indonesia, and Her Imperial Highness Sultana Nadine of Turkey, who is the direct descendant of the last Ottoman Caliph.  SaLee' has been an sincere advocate for Women's Rights.  

SaLee' gave speeches at The Women's Conference on the Role of Women in Islam; & Marriage, Children, Women's Rights, & the Importance of mothers and parents as the first educators of their children.

Speakers - U.S. Congressman McDermot, Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana D'Osman, Dr. SaLee' Amina


C-SPAN television recorded the speeches of Dr. SaLee' Amina, as she appeared at the Unity Conference,  under the patronage of The Islamic Supreme Council, which was televised by C-SPAN, broadcast internationally & attended by over 3,000 people.   

SaLee' appeared with The Honorable Congressman Jim McDermott, Her Royal Highness Princess Raja Eleena Bint Sultan Azian of Indonesia. 

Sheikh Abdulla Al-Dhaheri of the United Arab Emirates joined SaLee' Amina at the head table, honoring President Maskhadov of Chechnya, along with Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana, who is the direct descendant of the last Ottomon Empire Muslim Caliph, in Istanbul.  

U.S. Congressman & former Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich & Dr. SaLee' Amina


Among the V.I.P. Delegates at the Unity Conference, Dr. SaLee' Amina headed the table with the guests of honor, & spoke along side two U.S. Congressmen, Ministers of State, Ambassadors, Sheikhs, Professors & the President of Chechnya.  

SaLee' was a Speaker along with U.S. Congressman & former Presidential Candidate, Congressman Kucinich,  Dr. Anwar Eshqi of the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Minister of Education Sheikh Yousef Rifaie of Kuwait, Member of Parliament Dr. Aref Rahman of Indonesia, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Egypt Dr. Abdur Rasheed Abdul Aziz Salem, Sheikh Mohammed Hisham Kabbani, Chief Minister Alawiyah of Indonesia & several Ambassadors.

Dr. SaLee' spoke on Islam, Islamic Education & Mid East Peace


Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Speaker along with  Ambassador Dr. Abdur Rahim of Sudan to U.N.,  Grand Mufti Adil of Cyprus, Grand Mufti Rezhepi of Macedonia, Her Imperial Highness Nadine Sultana of Turkey,  Dr. Anwar Eshqi of the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Minister of Education Sheikh Yousef Rifaie of Kuwait, Member of Parliament Dr. Aref Rahman of Indonesia, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Egypt Dr. Abdur Rasheed Abdul Aziz Salem, Sheikh Abdulla Al-Dhaheri of the United Arab Emirates, President Maskhadov of Chechnya,   Chancellor Qaribollah of University of Sudan,  Grand Mufti Boja of Kosovo, Chief Minister Alawiyah of Indonesia, Ambassador Khokar of Pakistan to USA, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jamal Rifa'i of the Islamic Sharia Court in Palestine, Deputy Minister Hishammuddin Hussain of Malaysia, Ambassador Sacirbey of Bosnia,  Grand Mufti Adil of Cyprus, Grand Mufti Rezhepi of Macedonia, Sheikh Khabbani of Islamic Supreme Council, Sufi leader Sheikh Nazim, Chancellor Qaribollah of University of Sudan, Professor Hardy of University of London, Professor of African Studies at Howard University USA.

Dr. SaLee' Amina was Speaker with HRH Prince Raj Ashman Perek of Malaysia


Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Speaker along with Chief Minister for the Role of Women of indonesia - Tutti Alawiyah, HRH Prince Raj Ashman Perek of Malaysia, Ambassador Dr. Abdur Rahim of Sudan to U.N., former Economic Minister of Pakistan - Aziz Rahman, The Supreme Mufti Ashirov - spiritual Leader of Siberia, Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University USA - Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr,  Associate Professor Tourk of Economics & Int'l Business at Illinois Institute of Technology USA, Dr. Ahmed Sakr of Diamond Bar USA, Sheikh Salah Nasser of Al-Azhar University in Egypt, Mohammed Alum of University of Sweden, Hafez Abu Bakr Mahomed - founder of Al-Baraka Bank in South Africa, Dr. Mahmood Begg of University of Leicester UK, Chairman of Union of Muslims in Russia & Member of the State Duma - Sheikh Nadir,  Mufti spiritual leader of Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Russia, Mufti of Republic of Ingushetia Russia, General Director Sheikh Niyosov Abdul-Wahed of Russia, Mufti of Republic of Tartastan Russia, Supreme Mufti of Siberia, General Secretary of Islamic Supreme Council - Hediah Mirahmedi.

Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed - International Advisor


  • Having succeeded as a businesswoman in male-dominated careers & in patriarchal societies, SaLee' feels strongly about equal rights for all people.
  • As an Investment Advisor, none of SaLee' Amina's clients have ever lost money, while typical returns have been over 130%; with most much higher.
  • SaLee's clients have included Fortune 500 companies & royal families.
  • SaLee' was the first American & the first woman to receive a written Commendation from His Majesty King Khaled Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
  • In Lausanne, Switzerland, SaLee' was hired by His Highness President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan (UAE) to handle U.S. investments.
  • SaLee' consulted on the Abuja Project for Nigerian President Shehu Shagari.

2003 DUBAI Finance Conference - (Program of Guest Speakers)

Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Moktoum, Vice President of The UAE


SaLee' Amina was invited as a Guest Speaker at the Dubai Islamic Finance Conference.  Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed was the ONLY female Speaker in the event. 

SaLee' Amina has a long history with Dubai, where she was a resident.  As early as 1980, SaLee' was predicting in the newspapers that Dubai would become an extraordinary "megatropolis," and would become the absolute gem of the Middle East.

Hundreds of Senior Executives & Financial Experts gathered at Dubai International Finance Event


The Opening Ceremony of the 2003 Dubai Finance Forum was officiated by His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Moktoum, Vice  President of United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Dubai & Minister of Defense of the UAE.

Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited to speak on the topic of Islamic banking & investment.  Heads of the world's largest banks were also invited to speak at the conference.

Dr. SaLee' Amina, with other EXPERTS from UBS, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Nat'l Commercial Bank


At the conference known as the "DAVOS" of Islamic Banking, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited as a Speaker and International Finance Expert, along with The United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and the heads of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC).  SaLee' Amina was one of only two female speakers listed in the event program. 

The leading experts in Global Banking & Islamic Finance were Speakers in Dubai


The International Islamic Finance Forum has established itself as the premiere event in this ever increasing important financial sector. 

SaLee' Amina was invited as an expert, along with other important Speakers included leading bankers, institutional investors, asset managers, policy makers, academics and finance stakeholders.

Much of the forum focused on explaining new horizons for Islamic Finance, including  cross-jurisdictional issues on 'Sharia' (Muslim law) standards and typical global banking practices.



Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited as a Guest Speaker to the International Finance Forum in Geneva, along with the Governor of the Bahrain Monetary Agency, the Deputy Secretary General of the Bank of International Settlements - Basel, Switzerland; and the heads of Union Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse Bank, Citigroup, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC), First Commercial Bank of Saudi & First Boston Bank.  Switzerland has long been the international capitol of high level investment transactions.  Some of the most important minds in Finance came together to convey their expertise on International Islamic Finance.

Dr. SaLee' Amina, as an Expert in Global Economics & Islamic Banking


 Invited as a leading Investment & Financial Advisor,  SaLee' was listed on the program with Vice President of Citigroup, the Director of Credit Suisse, the Director of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) & the Governor of the Bahrain Monetary Fund.  Dr. SaLee' Amina, listed among the top Experts, had been an advisor to many banks, starting with Security Pacific Bank in Beverly Hills, California (then the 6th largest in the world, which merged with Bank of America, becoming the largest bank.)   SaLee' was also a Private Wealth Management  Advisor to Dubai Islamic Bank, which was the first Islamic Bank in the UAE.   


A consistent TRACK RECORD of positive activities & accomplishments


2019 - 'KPFK' Radio (Commentator) 'Requisite reparations to descendants of Slaves & slaughtered Native Americans, similar to reparations to Holocaust Survivors, L.A.

2019 - 'KPFK' Radio (Commentator) 'Mass incarceration of blacks is the new Slavery'

2018 - 'GLOBAL FORUM FOR INNOVATIONS IN AGRICULTURE' (invitee'), with guest speaker Bill Gates,  Abu Dhabi

2018 - WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (speaker)  San Francisco, CA

2018 - WORLD REFUGEE DAY (attendee’) U.N. High Commission for Refugee’s, NYC

2018 - INTERFAITH EVENT FOR PEACE (Speaker, panel discussion), Los Angeles


2017 - UNITED NATIONS HUMANITARIAN DAY (attendee’) Los Angeles, CA

2017 - DIXIE TELEVISION INTERVIEW  (see YouTube: Trump & the Muslims), Utah 

2017 - U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE (invitee’) Keynote Speaker - Attorney General of Utah, Sean Reyes 



2016 - POLITICAL CAMPAIGN TO GET OUT THE VOTE (sponsor / hostess), Utah

2016 - INTERFAITH HUMANITARIAN CONFERENCE   (U.S. liaison / coordinator)



2015 - "A UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION OF THE QURAN" (Co-author), Los Angeles

2014 - GLOBAL FORUM FOR INNOVATIONS IN AGRICULTURE (Invitee) Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Al-Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister & Presidential Affairs,  UAE

2014 - KUWAIT NATIONAL DAY EVENT (Invitee) Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

2014 - INTERFAITH NEW YEAR EVENT, at Mormon Tabernacle (Speaker), Utah 

2014 - 'KPFK' Radio (Commentator) Oppression of Palestinians by Jews is similar to oppression of Native Americans by early Europeans; as Blacks were oppressed by white South Africans,  East Indians by the British & Slaves by their overlords. Any Apartheid is unjust'.

2014 - REGISTRAR/RECORDER OF L.A. COUNTY (Precinct Officer-Beverly Hills) 

2014 - “BAAM” - BRITISH AMERICAN ARTISTS MUSEUM Executive Committee, L.A. 

2013 - ARABIAN BUSINESS COUNCIL (Participant) Ambassador of Goodwill), UAE


2012 - GLOBAL AEROSPACE SUMMIT  (V.I.P. Delegate) Abu Dhabi, UAE

2012 - ABU DHABI INVESTMENT MEETING Min. of Foreign Affairs, (Delegate), UAE

2012 - ART DUBAI  (V.I.P. Guest) Dubai, UAE 


2012 - INTERFAITH PRAYER EVENT, at Mormon Tabernacle (Speaker), Utah 

2012 - FUTURE ENERGY SUMMIT II (V.I.P. Delegate) Abu Dhabi, UAE

2012 - AUTHOR of 'An Introduction to The Quran and Islam', 'Women in Islam', 'Trinity – One God of Three Religions'.

2012 - AUTHOR - An American interpretation of The Holy Quran "Al-Noor" (2012)

2011 - HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Student/Post-Grad in Global Economics) Massachusetts 

2011 - EYE ON EARTH SUMMIT (Invitee’) Under the Patronage of the President of UAE - His Highness Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, The Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, The Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, the Under-Secretary of the United Nations, &  with guest speaker President Bill Clinton, UAE





2009 - FUTURE ENERGY SUMMIT  (V.V.I.P. Guest) Abu Dhabi, UAE

2009 - GOVERNOR’S COMMENDATION  (Award Recipient) Pennsylvania


2009 - DUBAI SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT (student, Leadership)  Dubai, UAE



2008 - UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY (Invitee') ceremony  bestowing an honorary degree to President Monson of the Mormon church, Orem, Utah

2008 - PAKISTAN HUMANITARIAN AID COUNSEL (Donor/ Speaker) Karachi, Pakistan

2007 - PAKISTAN DEVELOPMENT COUNSEL (Speaker/ Ambassador), Los Angeles


2006 - L.A. RECORDER OFFICE of COUNTY CLERK (Precinct Officer), Beverly Hills

2004 - KTLA NEWS (on-screen guest commentator Re: Kosovo & Bosnia), Los Angeles


2003 - DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER HALL OF FAME (Inductee/ Award Recipient) 


2002 - SAUDI ARABIAN NATIONAL DAY (Invitee) Beverly Hills, CA

2002 - ARAB AMERICAN AWARDS DINNER,  (Invitee) Los Angeles, CA

2002 - THE JEWISH JOURNAL/ TEMPLE JUDEA (Ambassadorial guest), Los Angeles

2002 - KTLA (on screen Commentator) Balkan affairs Los Angeles, CA

2001 - FOX NEWS  (Commentator- 911 World Trade Center coverage),  Los Angeles

2000 - UNITED TECHNOLOGIES magnetic conveyance transport system (Consultant) 

1999 - SAUDI ARABIA 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY(Invitee) Beverly Hills, CA

1998 - 99 PARSONS BRINKERHOFF (Contract Specialist /Legal Administrator), Virginia

1998 - INTERNATIONAL UNITY CONFERENCE (Speaker w/Congressmen Kucinich), D.C.

1998 - C-SPAN T.V.(on screen speaker) Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C.

1998 - INAUGURATION OF KING FAHD MOSQUE (Invitee'/Speaker), Culver City, CA

1998 - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE FAMILY (Speaker/ Ambassador), Los Angeles

1998 - MBC (MIDDLE EAST BROADCASTING CO.) (On screen commentator) 


1997 – WORLD ECONOMIC COUNCIL OF ADVISERS (Delegate) Zurich, Switzerland


1995 - FRESNO SCHOOL DISTRICT (Lecturer – International Culture), Fresno, CA. 

1993 -94 - SAN JOSE COLLEGE (Lecturer – International Business) CA (see YouTube)

1993 - SAN JOSE COLLEGE (Student - Political Science, Government)

1993 - EARTHGUARD 2000 (clean, non-polluting) BIO-FUEL (Consultant)  Texas

1992 - ANGEL CENTER FOR HEALING Ortho-Molecular research    Phoenix, AZ


1990 - MIDWEST ARAB CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Certificate of Appreciation

1989 - SANTA BARBARA COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPT. (Fundraiser - 'Teens Off Drugs')


1987-90 - INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT (Aminaco American, Overseas Trading) Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain; USA.

1987 -UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Santa Cruz (Student, Political Science / Government)


1987 - FUTURE WAVE 'Ocean Wave-Power Future Energy Technology' (Board member, with Actors Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward) L.A.


1986 - THE SENATORIAL INNER CIRCLE (Certificate of Merit Award recipient)  D.C.

1986 - PRESIDENT’S TASK FORCE (Member) Washington D.C.


1985 - VICTORY FUND (Political Fundraiser) Washington D.C.





1984 - NATIONAL CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE (Delegate/ Aid) Washington D.C. 


1983-84 - AID TO AFRICA - Agro/Aquaculture projects, water wells, mobile health & educational units

1983-84 - HILLSBOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT (Lecturer / Recipient of Award)  CA

1982 - AGIP PETROLI The national oil company of Italy -(Negotiated the sale of Agip Petroli assets outside of Italy - two refineries, several gas stations, railway equipment & pipelines)

1982-84 - ITALY - Interprogetti, Snam-Progetti, MontEdison, Piaggio, Agip (Negotiator)

1982-84 - NIGERIA ABUJA CAPITAL PROJECT (Consultant to President Shehu Shagari)

1981-84 -  NEGOTIATION OF MILITARY / AIR DEFENSE EQUIPMENT - USA / Middle East (Lockheed, Martin Marietta Aerospace [now Lockheed/Martin], General Dynamics, Bell Helicopters, Hughes Aircraft, Hughes Helicopters, Eldridge Sanders, Boeing, United Technologies).

1981 - VIP GUEST OF U.A.E. ARMED FORCES, at the invitation of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces at the time)

1981 - invited to the Bermuda Finance Conference, as a VIP Guest of Sir Harry Schultz, the world's highest paid investment advisor, who became SaLee's mentor in investment strategies.

1980-84 - STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE (SPRO) negotiated with oil providers

1980-84 - INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT (Overseas Trading Corp., Aminaco American) Saudi, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain

1981 - COMMENDATION FROM KING OF SAUDI ARABIA - His Majesty King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (at that time, never before given to an American, nor a woman)

1981 - NBC NEWS SPONSOR - During The Iran/Iraq war, Dr. SaLee’ arranged the first news coverage of the war for NBC, which got the initial photos & news on international television; in liaison with the Minister of Information of UAE, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamed

1981 - HUMANITARIAN - During the Iran/Iraq war, Dr. SaLee’ used her ‘Arab Wings’ private jet to personally evacuate refugees from Iraq, who had escaped to the airport in Amman, Jordan, to safety in Dubai, UAE.

1981 - DEPARTMENT OF HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH ZAYED (personally hired by H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, President of UAE [on 4/81 at Beau Rivage, in Lausanne, Switzerland] to manage USA investments.)

1981 - SOLD THE WORLD’S LARGEST FLAWLESS DIAMOND (170.49 ct “Star of Peace” - $22 million (as agent, via UBS Bank & Harry Winston Jewelers of Geneva, Switzerland)

1980- 81 - Business, investments and/or negotiations for several Royal Families -UAE, Kuwait Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi.

1980 - SUPREME COUNCIL OF KUWAIT FOR CIVIL AVIATION (Consultant to Secretary General Abbas Al-Mowlah) 

1979-80 - GOLD BROKER in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris, France.

1979-80 – FASHION & JEWELRY BUSINESS in Paris, France and Geneva

1979-80 – WORLD GOLD ASSOCIATION (Vice President) Lausanne, Switzerland

1979 - MAN OF GOLD AWARD (Recipient) Las Vegas, Nevada 

1979 – PROTÉGÉ’ TO SIR HARRY SCHULTZ (was then the world’s highest paid financial adviser, per Guinness Book of World Records) London, England


1979 - PHOENIX FOUNDATION AWARD (Recipient) Las Vegas, Nevada

1978 - PAN AMERICAN FINANCE FORUM (Speaker) Acapulco, Mexico

1978 - THE JOE FRANKLIN SHOW (on screen guest) 

1977 - SONS OF ITALY AWARD (Recipient) Hollywood, CA

1977 - ARTISTIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION (Award Recipient) Hollywood, CA


1976 – WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, FREEDOM MAGAZINE (produced & donated full length documentary, which was screened at “Prayer Day” event) L.A.

1976 - PRAYER DAY - FREEDOM AND SOCIAL REFORM (produced & donated documentary of entire 4 day event, plus concert, plus art exhibit) Anaheim, CA


1975 - AUTHOR - “MAKE ME A WORLD” Performed at Crossroads Theater, Hollywood

1975 - CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD THEATER (Scriptwriter - ‘Make Me a World’)

1975 - OHIO CHRISTIAN COLLEGE (Student - Law [Correspondence courses])

1974 - TEACHER & CHAIRPERSON OF ARTS DEPT. ('Ideal Community Schools') CA

1973 - CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY (Student - Mass Communications) 

1972 - RAINBOW BUTTERFLY MULTI-CULTURAL Honorarium Recipient,  Hollywood

1971 - THE SONNY AND CHER SHOW (assisted the director - Art Fisher)

1971 - BING CROSBY SPECIAL (as Production Assistant - Fenton McHugh Productions)

1971 - DOCUMENTARY ON ALCOHOLISM with Mercedes McCambridge  (Production Assistant for Fenton McHugh productions, Chicago)

1971 - ANN WRIGHT agency, Hollywood (appeared in 8 television commercials, 1 feature film, 2 television series & several theatrical productions)


1970 - 'BANANAS' (Woody Allen film) Assisted screening candidates for casting director


1970 - ‘TOYS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN’ (a feature film- SHB Productions - played the part of ‘Elaine’- a comedic role)

1969 - Attended NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Summer Program

1969 – UNITED NATIONS (Student Delegate) NYC

1969 - GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL  (D.D.E.H.S.) Blue Island, Illinois 


(Concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement in Architecture & Urban Design)

1969 - Attended ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO (visual design)

1969 - Attended STUDIO ONE ACADEMY (Chicago)



1969 - DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER ORATORICAL AWARD (Recipient) Blue Island, Ill.

1969 - AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT - became a member of AIM in its first year

1969 - AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (was the first white member)

1969 - THE HOWARD MILLER SHOW (on screen guest, speaking on the volunteer draft in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Also appearing was Bobby Seale of The Black Panthers) Chicago 


1969 - AMERICAN LEGION Public Speaking Award 'What Freedom Means' (Chicago)


1968 – HOMEWOOD FLOSSMOOR AWARD (Recipient) Flossmore, Illinois

1965-70 - SCHOLASTIC AWARDS & EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The American Legion Constitutional Essay and Oratorical Scholarship Award, The Florence Nightingale Award (Chicago, Illinois), Thornton Regional Oratorical Award, Illinois State Oratorical Award, Illinois State Debate Awards, Dwight D. Eisenhower Speech and Debate awards, National Forensics League Awards, National Thespian Society Awards, Bosman Home for the Elderly letter of acknowledgment, Pottawatome Camp for the Disabled Letter of Acknowledgment, John F. Kennedy Library Letter of Acknowledgment, Croatian Fraternal Union Essay Award, Studio One scholarship, Art Institute of Chicago scholarship, Homewood Flossmoor Scholarship.



A LIFELONG ACHIEVER: SaLee' was a member of the National Honor Society, National Forensics League President, National Thespian Society , Debate Team winner, Speech Team winner, local newspaper journalist, High School yearbook staff, French Club Vice President, Art Club Vice President, Drama Club President, American Field Service (Foreign Exchange Students), Science Club, Chemistry club, Chess Club, African American Club (she was the only white member), Varsity & Junior Varsity Cheerleader, editor of High School newsletter ‘The Underground Voice’ & on staff of 'The Red & White' Yearbook.

COLLEGE INTERNSHIPS: Political Science, Law, Business. SaLee' was an International Business teaching assistant, in California, and she also assisted a professor at the Harvard University School of Divinity.

YOUTH MEMBERSHIPS / WORK: Always respecting diversity and Civil Rights, SaLee’ joined the American Indian Movement and the African American Culture Club, in 1969, at the time being the only white woman to do so. She was a youth volunteer on the John F. Kennedy Presidential campaign, and later, on the Robert Kennedy Presidential campaign. Throughout High School, SaLee’ worked part time - as a local newspaper journalist, as a fundraiser for the JFK library, at “The Little Giant Grocery,” (WHICH WAS OWNED BY HER PARENTS), at the Bowman Home for the Elderly and at Pottowatome Camp for the Disabled. Upon her graduation from High School, SaLee’ was a student delegate to the United Nations, where she visited U.N. sessions, interviewed international diplomats & attended United Nations social functions.


  • As a young athlete, SaLee' was conditioned to competing and winning.  As a figure skater, SaLee' won several trophies, plaques, & medals; which lined the walls of her childhood home.  
  • As a youngster, SaLee' won the 'Little League' Beauty & Talent contest.
  • In elementary school, Salee' won several spelling Bees  &  also won 'Best in the Parade' for a Venitian gondola float.
  • In High School, she won for the Homecoming 'Queen of Hearts' parade.
  • In High School & College, she continually won awards; mainly in Debate, Public Speaking, Drama and Art.  She was an officer in numerous extra curricular school activities.
  • SaLee' was admitted to the National Honor Society in High School.
  • She was inducted into the National Forensics League, at age 15.
  • SaLee' won several awards from the National Thespian Society.
  • At age 12, she was invited into MENSA (an exclusive organization for the top 2% of I.Q.). She has a genius I.Q. of 163.
  • SaLee' received awards in her careers, and in acknowledgment of her humanitarian work.  

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