An Adviser in 42 countries

Professional Negotiator on five Continents


  • Many of the banks and companies who have engaged SaLee' Amina as an adviser or professional negotiator include some of the top Fortune 100 companies. 
  • As part of the International Banking community, SaLee' Amina was a consultant to several banks and worked on a project for the World Health Organization with His Highness Prince Talal Al-Saud at the World Bank; who was a personality greatly admired by SaLee, due to his extraordinary independence & courage,  his intelligence & his compassion for all people, regardless of their station in life.
  • She was also a consultant to many corporations, including Parsons Brinkerhoff (the World's premier transportation engineering company and the oldest construction company in the U.S.A. [now known as 'WSP']); and the National Oil Company of Italy (AGIP - Agip Petroli), Interprogetti (a division of Snam Progetti), United Technologies, Federated Stores, Braniff Airlines, Monte Edison, Piaggio, some oil companies and several USA manufacturers of aerospace equipment.



  • SaLee's childhood of climbing trees & riding horses gave way to an 'adulthood' of tackling executive and advisory positions in areas where women were typically only put into positions as assistants. 
  • Her position in banking & Private Wealth Management began 45 years ago, at a time that very few women were in the banking industry. She studied law when women were a small percentage of all working lawyers. She was inspired by Attorney Ruth Bader Ginsberg, in 1971 (later to become a Supreme Court Justice) and in 1973 by U.S. Congresswoman Patricia Schroader, and by Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) for returning to a life as a working professional, after having been the most famous First Lady in history. 
  • In 1979, when SaLee' was elected Vice President for US business at the World Gold Association in Laussane, Switzerland, it had never before had any women officer, and in fact, the only other female member was the wife of the V.P. for International business of the World Gold Association, Sir Harry Schultz. 
  • SaLee' worked in the Arabian Gulf at a time when most women were not in business & when women were prohibited from working in Saudi Arabia. 
  • She was designated as an Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic Culture by the staff of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consulate 20 years ago, at a time when such a position was traditionally held by men. 
  • SaLee' received a written Commendation from the King of Saudi as the First Woman ever to receive a commendation from the king (as well as the First American). 
  • SaLee' began negotiating Air Defense & Energy contracts nearly 40 years ago, at a time that there were very few women in those industries. 
  • She became a consultant to Bio-Fuel & Alternative Energy companies over 30 years ago, when there were few women in Science & Engineering, and very few in the Alternative Energy industry. 
  • SaLee' was accepted into The Institute for a Sound Money Economy in London, England. 
  • She was also one of the first female members of 'The Metropolitan Club' in New York City, which she had often visited with United Nations Ambassadors. 
  • In 1985, SaLee' was accepted into The Directors Association of London, England. Of course, her work in the Arabian Gulf was, at the time, unheard of for a female, although great progress has been made since then for women.
  • When SaLee' was hired by HH Sheikh Zayed (face-to-face, after seven meetings with Sheikh Zayed & his 'majalis' (business entourage) at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Laussane), she was asked to handle his investments for him in Europe & America: At that time, there was only one other woman working in his "Private Department" in Abu Dhabi, and that employee was assigned to the wife of Sheikh Zayed & other female royal family members (Princesses.) SaLee' being an advisor to a Gulf Arab Head of State was unheard of at the time, & several arrangements were made to indirectly contract her to outside companies, who were then hired to work with the Private Department, so as not to arouse concern by those who objected to a female in the role. Much of the work she did was credited to men who worked for his Highness, while she always remained in the background, content to do the work without the praise and to make decisions for which others were applauded. 
  • For SaLee', it was about doing the best job possible, with or without any acknowledgment. As a result of her commitment to excellence, no client of hers ever lost money on any investment recommended by her.
  • Dr. SaLee' Amina was also a Delegate at the 'Annual Investment Meeting' in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which was under the patronage of H.E. Sheikha Lubna, Minister for Foreign Trade. 
  • SaLee' Amina was also a Trade Representative to 'Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development.'
  • SaLee' attended 'Art Dubai' as a patron of the Arts. 
  • SaLee' is also a very popular professional artist, having created sculptures, paintings and jewelry for the royal families of all seven of the Gulf Cooperation countries, the royal families of the U.K. & Monaco, and American celebrities. (CLICK on "Sculptures & Paintings", "Diamonds & Gold") (Also See: )
  • SaLee' is also a writer & poet. (See )


Despite a hectic schedule, her children had often accompanied her, in her business, charities and travels, throughout the world; while usually attending schools in Beverly Hills, California, and using tutors during their travels. (Now, all of her children are in careers in medical, legal & computer I.T. , in the United States.)


SaLee' Amina Mohammed took part in various aspects of negotiations, demonstrations and arrangements between leaders of foreign countries and manufacturers in the United States for air defense and military equipment, but she waived her commissions. In essence, as a contracted adviser, she gave away hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions that were offered to her, believing it to be a conflict of interest to her assigned task of finding the best possible equipment for the purchasing entity.  She was satisfied to simply accept a salary as an advisor.

SaLee' Amina also had negotiated 'fast boats' for the Saudi Royal Navy in 1988, and she waived her commission. 

SaLee' Amina also negotiated for the UAE Air Force & UAE Armed Forces.  She accepted no commissions.    In fact, she has NEVER taken a commission on any military contract.



As one of the very few women in the fields of Energy, Air Defense & Bio-Technology, SaLee' Amina has repeatedly been a Delegate at numerous important conferences.  Having always excelled in fields that were not traditional for women, it was nothing unusual for SaLee' Amina to be involved in defense negotiations or strategic contracts; including petroleum for the United States Strategic Oil Reserve (the 'SPRO'), which was coordinated with Rick Furugia, who was then Director of the SPRO for the U.S. Department of Energy; or her defense negotiations,  coordinated with Frank Carlucci, who was then U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. 


SaLee' Amina had maintained a business association with Admiral Herbert Spenser "Spence" Mathews. She had received an understanding of defense equipment under his tutelage.  Also, SaLee' Amina's father was a United States Marine.  She described her childhood as similar to 'growing up in boot-camp,'  with an accent on self-discipline, ethics, responsibility, perseverance and honor.

Personally hired by certain Middle Eastern Sheikhs and figureheads, Dr. SaLee' Amina had attended many important meetings, which required clearance from the U.S. State Department. Her business partner in certain transactions was Admiral Herbert Spencer Mathews, who was the highest decorated Admiral in the history of the Navy.


When His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan needed military helicopters, it was SaLee' Amina Mohammed who arranged the demonstrations of Apache and Cobra helicopters for His Highness.  And, in fact, SaLee' Amina and Sheikh Mohammed each flew Apache helicopters (which were dual piloted) during demonstrations of the fighter helicopter over the deserts of California.  

When the purchase was made, SaLee' Amina waived her commission, giving it is full as a discount to the United Arab Emirates.  She refused the commission, and directed it to be deducted from the purchase price to the UAE.   

Defense industry representatives, Larry Mann, Carl Perry & Otto Glaser (of Lockheed Aerospace, Bell Helicopters & General Dynamics) stated that they had NEVER encountered any negotiator who turned down a commission, EXCEPT for SaLee' Amina Mohammed. In fact, they said the typical problem was that negotiators fought to get MORE than the 10% commission allowed as the maximum, under U.S. law. 

One commission that she waived was for $250,000,000.00 - two hundred and fifty million dollars, ON A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR DEFENSE CONTRACT. Her entire commission was subtracted from the purchase price, as a DISCOUNT to the buyer, who is now one of the strongest strategic allies of the U.S..

A MILITARY SELF-DISCIPLINED TEMPERAMENT: Having had a Drill Sergeant father, continually reminding her that everything she did must be done to the highest standards, and there are NO excuses, she learned perseverance.  Her father often told her,"There is ONLY ONE good excuse in life - death, your own; so if you are still breathing, you are expected to get the job done!"  

SaLee's U.S. Marine father also instilled in her a belief that the United States Marine Corps motto of "Death Before Dishonor" is NOT just impressive words - it is a way of life.  She has always endeavored to live up to those expectations, insisting on putting integrity above personal benefit, and being willing to pay the price for honorably standing up for what is right.  

Her stamina was put to the test when SaLee'  became a Whistle-Blower against judicial, prosecutorial and police corruption, which was an extremely dangerous position for her to take; and which resulted in extraordinary retaliation, which nearly had cost her life.  In the end, however, she prevailed, and most of the high ranking 'bad-apple' individuals within law enforcement were investigated, tried, convicted, sentenced & imprisoned; while her entire 'criminal background' is a traffic mistake of "failing to relinquish a suspended driver's license to the Department of Motor Vehicles, to which she pleaded 'no-contest', but it was found that the license suspension was wrongful, since it was based on her alleged Failure to Appear (FTA), which was totally won on appeal, overruled & reversed, in her favor. 

SaLee' became a negotiator/broker for large international contracts, including oil contracts, aviation, joint ventures and international trade agreements. Over the years, she negotiated huge trade contracts and government tenders with such giants as General Dynamics, Lockheed, Hughes Helicopters, Hughes Aircraft, ITT, Martin Marietta Aerospace (now merged with Lockheed,) Boeing, Bell Helicopters, Federated Stores, United Technologies, Braniff Airlines, Agip Petroli (the National Oil Company of Italy), Interprogetti (subsidiary of Snam-Progetti, Italy), Montedison (Italy), Piaggio (Italy), the Al-Hamed Group (United Arab Emirates) and many others.

Also, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved in business arrangements for the Department of Energy's Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which she coordinated with then Asst. Secretary of Energy, Rick Furugia. As a female involved in International negotiations in Washington D.C., she has been well known; and received security clearance to attend many important functions. While Frank Carlucci was Asst. Secretary of Defense, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved with the negotiation of air defense systems; a $2.6 billion contract, for which she turned down a 10% legal commission for her efforts, claiming her personal ethics prohibited benefiting independently on something that she was hired to negotiate, as a business advisor.

Dr. SaLee' Amina has received correspondence from every U.S. President or First Lady, since Richard Nixon, often getting invitations to the White House and numerous political functions. Dr. SaLee' Amina has received written thanks and personal communications and greeting cards from President & Mrs.George Bush and former First Lady, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer and several other political personalities.

Many of the banks and companies who have hired her as a professional negotiator include some of the top Fortune 100 companies. A veteran of the Swiss Banking community, she was a consultant to several banks and many corporations, including Parsons Brinkerhoff (the World's premier transportation engineering company and the oldest construction company in the U.S.A. (now merged with Balfour); and the National Oil Company of Italy (AGIP - Agip Petroli), Interprogetti (a division of Snam Progetti), United Technologies, Federated Stores, Montedison and several others.

SaLee's abilities to arrange large trade contracts through top level connections opened doors of opportunity for many American suppliers of goods and services to reach world markets. These included millions of tons of foodstuffs, construction materials, electronics, vehicles, aircraft, boats, and raw materials, as well as a variety of manufactured goods and other services. As a trade specialist, she arranged contracts for the importation into the U.S. of food, hand crafted items, manufactured goods and raw materials from several countries.  

In 1998 SaLee’ was assigned the position of Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Islamic & Arabian Cultures by the Deputy Consul of te Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy, at the Los Angeles consulate.  She immediately embarked on a mission to explain Islam to Westerners, and she gave lectures throughout Europe and the United States. A year later, His Majesty King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, of Saudi Arabia, issued a written commendation for Dr. SaLee' Amina's laudable service in expanding Islam in the world and for effectively correcting misunderstandings about Islam in the West. This was hand delivered to her by Ambassador Romeh, in the UAE.

Over two decades, she never accepted any payment for this humanitarian position & her interfaith advocacy. 


As a designer, SaLee' drew architectural designs for exteriors and also designed interiors in USA and the Middle East. She also designed furniture and urban developments. In fact, during a casual conversation with one of her clients, His Excellency Mahdi Al-Tajir, of Dubai, SaLee' suggested that Dubai create a Palm tree shaped housing development that juts out into the Persian Gulf, which would be seen from the air by every airlines flying overhead. Mahdi asked how that could be accomplished, and SaLee' replied that it would all be outlined with cement sea walls & filled in with land fill. In fact, she drew the design on a napkin, showing Mahdi Al-Tajir where yachts would moor along the trunk of the Palm tree, and villas would be built along the palm fronds. 'Palm Island' is now one of Dubai's greatest tourist attraction. (SaLee' took no pay or commission for her 'Palm Island' idea, nor for the Egyptian themed furniture she drew, which ended up in Mahdi Al-Tajir's sitting room on her next business visit with him.)


SaLee' Amina had received a written Commendation from the King of Saudi Arabia.    

The Saudi King's Commendation was written before SaLee' adapted her name in Dubai Islamic Court to the Islamic name that was picked for her by the Chairman of the Dubai Islamic Bank She was formerly known as "SaLee' Louise (Aubrien) Barnes", until legally amending her name in The Dubai Islamic Court to "SaLee' Amina Mohammed". The variations of her fully legal names were cross-referenced with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the California State Department of Motor Vehicles and the U.S. Social Security Administration; as well as being published in newspapers. Nevertheless, she was repeatedly harassed about her Muslim name & her close involvement with Arab royals. 

Often, prejudices against Muslims and Arabs were severely taken out on her, due to her professional affiliation with them. Despite being fully American, SaLee' was a target because of her affiliation with the Muslims and the Arab Royal families. Her homes & cars were vandalized, she & her children were assaulted, and she was told to "go back to her home country!"

SaLee' Amina is born & raised in the USA, and American citizen, of American citizen parents & American citizen grandparents, & American citizen grandparents.  

In fact, SaLee' has family members who are direct descendants of the famous founding father & America's first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, & America's first folk hero & Adventurer, Daniel Boone. (It is obvious that SaLee' has both the knack with finance & the love of adventure of both ancestors!)  SaLee' sometimes jokes that she is SO American that if she gets cut, it bleeds 'Red, White & Blue!'