Sworn Testimonials in Support of SaLee' Amina

Statements from people who know SaLee' Amina very well:

 Testimonial of Mehran Kalpani (shop owner, Reseda, CA)  

1. I have known SALEE AMINA (a.k.a. Salee Amina Mohammed-Barnes) for about ten years.

2. I know for a fact that she is not prejudiced against Jews, because I am a Jew. 

3. Also, I have seen her be very generous with many people, who included Jews. In one particular case, she helped a very poor old Jewish man. I spoke to that man myself. He told me that SALEE AMINA provided him with furniture for his studio apartment, cookware, dishware, clothing and she filled his refrigerator and freezer.

4. I have had many conversations with her and I never heard her say anything degrading or derogatory about Jews or about any other religion, race or nationality. 

5. Every experience I have had with SALEE AMINA convinces me that she is honest, sincere, kind, generous, happy, positive, polite and she always has a good attitude. 

6. I have never seen her mean with anyone, nor vindictive, vexatious or malicious.

7. I have many times known SALEE AMINA to provide clothing and other things for many poor people of all types, who cannot afford it for themselves. I have seen this repeatedly, over ten years time. I own a shop where she buys things for them.

8. Through many conversations with SALEE AMINA on various topics, I have never observed any type of negative, vexatious or malicious tendencies in her. 

9. Every experience I have had with SALEE AMINA convinces me that she is conciliatory, forgiving, not antagonistic, and she does not take revenge.

10. I know that SALEE AMINA is (about) 63 years old, but she looks about 40, and I think that men might be attracted to her ...

11. I never saw her 'with' any man, nor talk of any man ..., except her 2 sons."

Testimony of V. Christensen (Salt Lake City, Utah)


1. SaLee’ is a very generous person. I’ve seen she shows compassion and forgiveness to people. I was present when she gave away five boxes of food to some people. I helped carry one of the boxes.

2. On Jan 21, 2017, I got robbed of my keys to my car and my apartment. As a result, I had to leave my car parked across town, on the street, and I needed to get into my home, but I could not. Since it was late a Friday night, there was no one in the …office. It was in the wee hours of the morning (Friday night / Saturday morning) that I tried going to the apartments of friends for help, but no one would let me in.  SaLee’, who is not a friend of mine - but only an acquaintance, was the only one who allowed me into her home.  

3. SaLee’ allowed me to use her phone to call the police department and to call my daughter, and to phone the emergency number for (the apartment manager), who refused to open my apartment door to let me inside. 

4. SaLee’  let me spend the whole day in her home, allowed me any food I wanted, let me take a shower, gave me clean and dry clothes and socks, and made homemade beef stew for me, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and gave me snacks, desserts, kefir and coffee.

5. SaLee’ drove me in her car, across town, to my car, and she made a sign for me to put on it, so that it did not get towed.

6. SaLee’ also made a sign for me to put on my apartment, warning those who stole my keys that there is video surveillance, 

7. SaLee’ also allowed me to phone the emergency number from her apartment to ask them to come open my apartment door to let me in. I called them a few times, but they refused to help, which got me angry because I needed to get into my home. I asked SaLee to try to convince them, and she did speak to the guy twice, very nicely…

8. SaLee’ offered for me to sleep on her couch, and offered extra blankets & snacks for the night.

9. The way that I know SaLee’ is that she gave several big free food dinner events for the whole building, which I loved, and everyone else I knew commented on how nice it was to go to those events. It made people happy and it gave us a chance to get to know our neighbors. Anyone from (the entire complex) was allowed to attend and bring their guests, and even bring food home. There was never any kind of agenda at the dinner events. SaLee’ did not give any speech or  (anything)…It was just food and socializing. …

10. I am signing this of my own free will, not under any duress or for any other reason than wanting to do the right thing and let the truth be known. … I have seen and experienced that SaLee’ is a very good, kind and generous person…

11. I also have witnessed that SaLee’ has a personality that is proper, professional, considerate and not aggressive. I have even known of an incident when SaLee’ was suddenly shouted at and insulted, but she did not return any shouting or insult or abuse, and SaLee’ was forgiving, and she even helped the person who had abused her. SaLee’ is a special person, and I am sad to see her leave the (area), as I know many neighbors also are sad to see her go.

All of the above statements are true, and I have no reason to lie about any of these statements. I am not paid, coerced or pressured into writing this, and not made any promises or rewarded for it.

Dated: Jan 23, 2017  8:30 am  V. Christiansen  (sworn & filed in Court)

Testimony of B. Bushnell, Salt Lake City, Utah  (filed in Court)

 "I have personally witnessed many examples of the good nature of Ms. SaLee’, who appears to be very well liked among most of the residents... I have witnessed that SaLee’ continually did good deeds for many people, including myself, far above and beyond any average people. She is always positive, helpful, kind, generous, considerate –more than any other  ..."  (filed in Court

Aaron Smith  ( Attorney-at-Law, since 2017):

" From observing Salee Amina through my lifetime of knowing her, I noticed that her personality is much different than average or ordinary people. I observed that she is very tolerant, compassionate, forgiving and considerate; even towards people who have harmed her".

Attorney Jan H. Orange County, CA:

I am familiar with the stellar reputation (of) Ms. Salee Amina… all 27 years since my knowing her, and (she) spent countless hours explaining Islam to me and others, expressing respect for Islam, Christianity and Judaism”.  (sworn under penalty of perjury & filed in Superior Court)

Reverend David Clark, Monaca, Pennsylvania  


(sworn under penalty of perjury & filed in Court) ,  - 25 years of knowing SaLee' Amina - continued from 'home' page)

"I have no doubt whatsoever that every word she has alleged in any legal matter would be completely correct and true, even likely understated, and not whatsoever false. In fact, of the very long association with her, I have seen that she is extremely careful to not exaggerate and to quote facts correctly. I have also seen that she is lenient, forgiving and compassionate; so the situation would have to be extreme for her to turn to the courts for help. However, although she is excellent at protecting, advocating, defending and assisting others,...

"I personally know Ms. Salee Amina to be someone who could not and would definitely not fabricate false data or steal or defraud. In fact, I have often times expressed my opinion that Ms. Salee Amina should become a Judge because her capacity for fairness, ethics and level headed mediation is extraordinary, as well as her capacity for tolerance and forgiveness; which is seemingly boundless.


I also know that in the entire time I have known Ms. Salee Amina, for over twenty years, I have never known her or ever even heard of her having any boyfriends, lovers, personal partners, romances, sexual relations or any dating relationships. I have seen her to be moral, in the first degree, and I have personally observed that characteristic throughout her demeanor, behavior, activities and communication. 


I am impressed with Salee Amina’s sensitivity and compassion: One of many examples I could give is when I was grieving with my grandmother’s death, and she extended warm hospitality to me in my grief, even changing her business schedule, so that she, with her son, could take me on a tour of Sedona, Arizona. Over twenty years, I have repeatedly observed everything in her to be unselfish, generous and considerate.

Another time, she put aside her business schedule, while she, with her son, drove me to Lake Tahoe, hundreds of miles away; to visit my former high school friend, who had relocated there.  She is a person who shows great compassion for others.

Another time, I visited for the Christmas holidays, unannounced, and she not only extended extraordinary hospitality towards me, but she even gave up her own bedroom; moving herself into her son’s room, while I stayed for an extended period, free of cost. 

Recently, when my mother was ill, she often phoned to check in on her, recommending many natural health products that might assist in her recovery. Over the years, she sent presents and cards, which these days, almost no one bothers to do anymore.  

"Every Christian virtue that I preach about on my televised program, I have seen actively and consistently demonstrated in Ms. Salee Amina. 

"I have personally experienced that her integrity and standard of conduct far exceeds that of normal citizens. I have consistently experienced her degree of compassion, forthrightness, honesty and forgiveness to be profound and most admirable in each and every experience that I, and many others, have had with her. She is unique, brilliant, extraordinary and respectable.  I have seen that she is a person whose commitment to moral, ethical and honorable conduct is far above average. I also know that she does not tolerate any sort of unethical or dishonorable conduct, and her morality is almost Victorian; which is almost unheard of these days. 


I have known Ms. Salee Amina as a humanitarian of the first degree, and one who puts other’s needs before her own, almost invariably; while being profoundly fair, decent and forgiving, even with those who have clearly offended or harmed her.

Of what I know of Ms. Salee Amina, it is impossible for her to be in any way unfair, dishonorable, revengeful or vexatious. In fact, I have seen her to be repeatedly forgiving, tolerant, just and fair; even in circumstances of wrongdoing against her.

"Those of us who know Dr. Salee Amina are somewhat in awe of her, because her accomplishments are extraordinary and her character is world renowned. 

Also, of what I know of Ms. Salee Amina, over twenty continuous years of knowing her, I am certain that she would absolutely never file anything false...

"Some people exaggerate, but she is the opposite, plus her recollection and reporting of events is exact, precise and unembelished. She also has an uncanny memory, perhaps because of her very high I.Q.. I have witnessed these facts directly.

" I have witnessed that Ms. Salee Amina enjoyed a high degree of respect from many, as a businesswoman, a humanitarian, a civil rights leader, a whistle blower against corruption and as a deeply spiritual, generous, moral and considerate person.  

" As a Christian reverend, I have often said that one of the people who I have seen demonstrate the greatest of “Christian Values” is Salee Amina Mohammed. I have also seen that she displays no prejudices of any sort, equally caring and helping any denomination, race or ethnicity. Sometimes just hearing her talking is like listening to sermons from a preacher, she is so committed to goodness, fairness, decency, and making the world a better place. We need more leaders like her in the world. 

" As a civil rights leader, I am fully aware that Ms. Salee Amina was an effective and formidable whistle blower, who successfully reported on judicial, prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct, and her reports were investigated by the Supreme Court, the Commission on Judicial Performance, Internal Affairs of the District Attorney office and the Sheriff’s Department.  

"I understand that her courageous endeavors resulted in official written reprimands, prosecutions, convictions and imprisonments made of law enforcement officers, a prosecutor and a Judge.  Very few, if any, people would have the compassion for others to put their life at risk to expose corruption, but she did. I have direct knowledge of those matters because I was interviewed by news agencies about it and I attended court actions, and I was one of the several people who she directed women in jails to send their reports to of crimes committed behind bars. 

"I am delighted to say that thanks to the courageous love of mankind that Ms. Salee Amina and people like her have demonstrated, six or eight former L.A. county deputy sheriffs are now serving sentences in federal prison, 18 were prosecuted, and the judges and prosecutors who reportedly committed atrocities are no longer on the bench or reaping taxpayer money while doing illegal acts. It took many years of her determined efforts to speak truth to power. She deserves commendation...

"Also, I know from all of my long-term experience with her that she would never accuse anyone wrongfully. Obviously, her previous reports to the FBI, the Commission for Judicial Performance, the Supreme Court, Internal Affairs and government agencies were taken seriously, were acted upon; and convictions were obtained as a result."


Reverend David Clark  (sworn under penalty of perjury, notarized & filed in Court)


TESTIMONY OF BODYGUARD TO FORMER DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF  UAE  & OTHER V.I.P.s  ("Kenny" L.) This document is sworn under penalty of perjury, notarized & filed in Court):

"During my years in the Middle East, working with the royal family members, which I continued for five years, I saw, first hand, the position of authority and power that Salee Amina held. I knew that she was investment adviser to several of the Princes from the royal families in the Middle East, including Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and UAE. I knew that she had been personally hired as an investment adviser by the wealthiest man in the world, His Highness Sheikh Zayed. I was an eye witness to multi-million dollar transactions, done by Salee Amina, for her clients, who were Arab royals. 

It seemed to me that even the highest ranking generals of the military (one of whom I served as a bodyguard) and all of the Arab royals that I met showed respect for Salee Amina, above most others; and they treated her as an equal to them and held her in such high regard. From what I experienced, it seemed to me that this was not only because she is obviously highly intelligent, dignified, refined, well educated, sophisticated and very capable, but also because she seemed to be someone very special to many of the people who interacted with her. She was trusted and admired. I think this is because of her remarkable character and unique personality. I was an eye witness to the fact that many treated Salee Amina as if she were royalty herself, always with the utmost of respect. Many called her by the same title of respect that they used to address the royal princes and princesses themselves. 

COMPLETE LACK OF ARROGANCE OR CONCEIT: Although she held positions of importance and received many awards and commendations, never once did I see Salee Amina act arrogant, haughty or conceited. In fact, I have personally witnessed her unusual degree of humility: She shows respect for all people, no matter what is their station in life. I have seen her speaking with heads of state and with their servants. I have seen her with businessmen and with street beggars. I have seen her negotiating multi-million dollar business deals and feeding the poor and volunteering with the veterans, disabled, homeless, alcoholics, and drug addicts. I have watched her minister a profound sense of kindness and courtesy to all people; and I have never once seen her show hate, deviousness or anything negative. 

Her personality is not average or ordinary: It is extraordinary. I have listed some examples in this brief, which are a few of many more, that show she is an honorable and kind person, with no malice.

I could not imagine that Salee Amina would ever knowingly do anything wrongful, unethical or illegal. From all of my observations of her, I would describe her as being unusually fair and honest, and almost fanatical about doing the right thing, no matter what

It is my educated opinion, based on eye witness experience and observation, over 38 years, that Salee Amina’s character is so far above average that she is in a class by herself. That might be a problem, because people tend to judge others by what they have seen in most people or what they might assume, without knowing all of the true facts. Her personality is so different than most, that suspicious types might assume there is a hidden agenda or secret motive. In 38 years, I have seen that she is genuine and sincere, honest and forthright, decent and moral, kind and considerate, and she is never mean or selfish.

I have observed that in some circles, her name is synonymous with integrity and trustworthiness. In fact, the Arabs gave her the name “Amina” which means “The Trustworthy One.” I think she officially registered it as her name in Dubai Islamic Court. In the Middle East, I also heard her called “The Uncorruptable One.”  

... I have been with Salee Amina in the USA, in Asia, in the South Pacific and in the Middle East, while I worked as a bodyguard for royals and while I worked as a bodyguard for her daughter. I have known Salee Amina when I owned a restaurant, a yacht, a building and construction business and all the way back to when I was just a young guy, training to compete in the Olympics. In all those years, she has remained consistent in character, and I can say, unequivocally, that there is nothing evil in this woman and she is pure goodness and decency. In everything I saw in her, she was the picture of true ethics and honor. She is also the most intelligent person I have ever known. Maybe some people might think that because a person is smart, she must also be manipulative. That is not the case with her.

I know for a fact that in the Middle East and in the USA, Salee Amina did billions of dollars in business for the Arab royals, many millions of which I was personally present and saw with my own eyes

Also, I had been told that she never once took a commission or kickback, although most others did. Who would resist a commission on multi-million dollar deals, but she did resist. Money was all around her. I saw it. The princes had suitcases of cash, everywhere they went. She was in the midst of wealth, but it seemed to mean nothing to her. When she was in public, representing a royal in some transaction, she would wear diamonds, rubies, sapphires on every finger, but, in normal life, she would sit on the floor, along side the old ladies, the women and the little children, always laughing and joking, as if she were a family member. Children seemed to adore her, and she always had a smile and a kindness. When she passed beggars, she gave them money or food. She helped many humanitarian efforts and gave generously to charities.  She never showed the slightest greed or selfishness, in fact, quite the opposite. She was the one person everyone seemed to know was totally forthright". 

  Sincerely,    Kenny L. (former bodyguard to His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, of Abu Dhabi, while he was Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates )




INTEGRITY -  I have always seen her to be very professional, honest, direct, clear and precise. She said what she meant and meant what she said. I never saw any type of foolishness, conning or manipulation of any sort. She invariably kept her word. This woman has been very forthright in every way. I know her to be someone who would never say anything about anyone that is not true. I have known her more than half of my life and I have always seen her to have a great heart and to give and help. That is what I have seen of her, and never saw anything bad in her. She has always been encouraging and supportive. Even when I observed her in business meetings, negotiating on different levels throughout the years, she has always operated with integrity. I have never once seen her engage in any type of conning, manipulation, any underhanded statements or actions. She has always been upright, and everything she said and did always checked out. Complete professional honesty, integrity, intelligent, gifted.

MORALITY: Over 38 years, I know that she and Mr. Barnes split up in about 1981, maybe, and she had married for only a few months, with Mr. Mohammed, I believe, but for the most part, she has been single, yet I never once saw her with any boyfriend or having any sort of romantic relationships. I never saw her hug, kiss or hold hands with any man; and even I, after 38 years, have never been allowed to hug her. I see men often try to hug her, but she always backs off and bows her head down and puts up her hands and backs away, telling them that she does not hug men. In 38 years, I have personally never seen even her arms, no less her legs. She dresses always covered up, in loose clothes. I HAVE NEVER MET ANY WOMAN MORE MODEST...

I have never seen her hug, kiss, hold hands with men. I have never seen her show any type of immorality. I have seen her character to be impeccable. 

Professionalism and credibility: In addition to having been a bodyguard to some of the royals, I also was one of the three men who guarded the ‘Star of Peace’ diamond, the largest flawless diamond in the world, at over 170 carats, which I knew was sold by Salee Amina to an Arab royal, who we agreed not to name. I was one of the bodyguards over the diamond, with two other guards, named Roger and Will. I have photographs of me with the diamond, and we traveled around the world with it, on the private 747 jet of one of the royals, bringing the diamond with us. Now someone is trying to say that Salee Amina lied about being the person who handled the sale of it, and the lies against her have been spread by that person around the Internet, and are now being repeated to the courts by an antagonistic attorney, who represents someone who she alleges attacked and battered Salee Amina. It seems that he wants to paint her as a pretender, a deceiver, a manipulator, a liar: BUT, I WAS THERE ! She is profoundly honest.

I also have been at one of the most popular hotels in Beverly Hills, when Salee Amina was involved in a negotiation in a transaction for His Highness, Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, in buying millions of dollars in antiques. I often spoke to His Highness, who always spoke very highly of Salee Amina, even continuing to do so many years after she no longer worked with them. In fact, once I visited His Highness Sheikh Sultan, in his palace in Abu Dhabi, and I noticed that Mohammed Ali and former President George H.W. Bush were also waiting to see him in the next room. His Highness called me in, before he met with his other important guests, and he immediately asked about Salee Amina. I have never met one person who spoke ill of her, in all of the decades that I have known her.

I was with her in the Middle East, and I saw people offered her everything, every kind of bribe or gift or commission - but she never took it. People around her took commissions and kickbacks, but she never did, and everyone knew that about her. She was not only held in high regard, she was held in the highest regard. One example is that when we traveled the world in the royal jets, they booked rooms for everfyone in the royal entourage, but they gave suites to the royal family members, and also to Salee Amina. The others only got rooms, but she got suites.

Generosity, understanding, compassion, polite good manners: Over 38 years, I have observed that Salee Amina is always polite, even to people she does not like, usually ignoring jibes or cutting remarks, either staying calm and defusing the situation or just saying nothing and walking away. I have never seen her verbally attack back at someone who is rude to her. I have also seen the fact that she is willing to help, always willing to go the distance to help people, always encouraging, positive, contributing, caring, considerate. She always, always, always has a positive influence on everyone around her. That’s just who she is. I have never seen anything less. In 38 years, the woman has never let up in showing kindness. Even when things goes wrong, she forgives and holds no grudges.

She cooks for people, and shares it with whoever wants food. When my wife died, I could not bear to be in our home. I was so depressed, that I let everything go. Even my dog didn’t get fed. I could not clean up the place. Old smelly food was all over, every dish was dirty, and the place was a mess. Salee Amina came and cleaned the entire house, did all of the dishes, cooked food and made the place spotless. Then, she drew a beautiful portrait of my wife, and gave it to me as a present. (She is also a very accomplished artist.) She remembers people’s birthdays and brings them presents, even people she only knows slightly. A friend of mine with a television station in the San Francisco Bay area loves the color goldenrod, and Salee Amnina bought her a beautiful goldenrod silk outfit for her birthday and took her to lunch. My friend, Henry Winston, who in his career had managed both Mohammed Ali and George Foreman, has diabetes and serious health issues. Salee Amina often called to check up on him, and brought presents every time she visited. I have seen when people have problems, she helps, without asking for anything in return.

I know that she helped many people, non profits and charities. When I was involved with an organization that took care of people with mental disorders, addictions, drug problems, Salee Amina came in there, like Mother Teresa’s assistant, and she started cleaning the place up, which looked like a pig pen, even the mold and mildew, and she bought groceries and filled the refrigerator and freezer, and she even personally cooked the food and prepared meals for the people, from her own money, serving them. Every day, for about two weeks, she worked on that place, until every inch of it was turned from an ugly slum into a showplace.  She took no money, but only did these things out of the goodness of her heart.

While working on my latest book, I asked her to help me to write the introduction. I was in Winslow, Arizona, and she drove all the way there, from Beverly Hills, California, to help me. When she arrived, she gave a ride to a young hitchhiker, and it seems that while she was tying down his bike in her trunk, her wallet was taken. It took 3 days for her bank to send her a new card, and on the way back home, her car blew up. I saw photos of her face, which looked like broiled chicken, and she had medical papers that she suffered ruptured eardrums. Any normal person might blame me that it wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t come to help me, but not her. She has always been willing to help and is very understanding. This is true with everyone I have seen her with.

Most often, when she met with people, she gave gifts and cards. She made people feel welcome. I have seen that she always has a kind word, and she treats people with decency, from the highest positions to the lowest levels. My business associates, my friends, my employees – she treats everyone as equals, and talks in a way that does not set her above them, even though it is obvious that she is very intelligent and refined and she has so much class and dignity.

Also, I see she is always willing to always offer her help in people’s business endeavors, even giving advice and assistance for free, although she was a very highly trained and experienced professional, and could charge much for her services. I have heard her describe good deeds as an opportunity to serve God, by serving people. I’ve seen her give away her own things to others. I do not know all of the negative that these people are saying about her in this legal battle, but, in all the years I have known her, I have never once heard anyone say anything negative about her, from His Highness, all the way down to his driver and my own workers, and even street people. 

Forgiveness, LACK OF RETALIATION...: I was a personal eye witness to people having stolen several very valuable fur coats and jewelry which Salee Amina had with her. I watched the police tell Salee Amina that they were willing to immediately arrest the young men who had stolen the goods, but she said that it would ruin their young lives and that she believed the correctional system doesn’t help anyone.  She chose to forgive them, rather than make them waste their lives in prison. I know the young men involved, and in the 30 years since that happened, she simply forgave, and she never brought it up. There are few, if any, people who would be so forgiving. 

Truthfulness: I have always seen that when she says something, it is exact, it is specific and it is true. It is not almost true or mostly true: It is exactly true. From what I know about Salee Amina, I would say that it is impossible that she would invent lies... If someone thinks she lied, then it is likely that they are mistaken or have a misunderstanding about what they think are the facts, which can be different than the actual true facts or the full unembellished, un-slanted and untwisted story..

CHARACTER AND NO PREJUDICE: I have always known Salee Amina to be a woman of extraordinary faith, with a keen awareness of demonstrating her spiritual belief through good deeds and rightful conduct. It has always been obvious to me that doing what is right is her primary motivation, whether it is to her advantage or against her best interests, she operates under a stringent set of personal ethics. I have seen this, without exception, and I have known her for such a long time that if there was the slightest inclination towards wrongdoing in her, I would have seen it, but it is totally absent. That is the truth. I have had the opportunity of observing Salee Amina in many different circumstances: Long ago, I knew her former husband (Mr. Barnes) and I know her children. I was bodyguard to her daughter, I traveled with them, I have been to her home with her family, I have known her almost four decades, during which time, I have literally never known her to do an unethical, wrongful, or inconsiderate thing. I would say that she has a tendency to think of others before her own self, and that she always looks to serve, not to be served, to give, not to take, to show compassion, consideration and respect, not to ask for it or demand it. In fact, when I have seen people who do not know her show her any disrespect, I’d expect any typical woman to retaliate with outrage or insults, but instead, she stays calm and speaks in a direct, but polite way, then walks away. I would call her personality very unusual and highly spiritually aware. She shows respect to all people of all nationalities, races and religions, and she quotes scripture from the Christian Bible, the Muslim Koran, the Jewish Torah, the Hindu Bhagvagita and she quotes the Buddha. Never have I seen or heard her demean or degrade anyone or insult anyone’s religion. In fact, when others do that, she politely points it out and protects the rights of those being put down. However, I have known people who met her and liked her, but the second that they found out that she is Muslim, or that she worked for the Arab royals, they refuse to talk to her or have anything to do with her, even it seems though they can’t say anything she ever actually did wrong. So, I know there is prejudice in the world. In my 57 years, I have never met anyone even remotely like her, and that is the truth. I hate this injustice that is being done to her.

I also have known many other people who know Salee Amina, and I had never once heard a bad thing said about her. I noticed that everyone I met had nothing but good things to say about her, both in the USA and in the Middle East, where I worked for five years. I saw her in the Middle East in a position that was very powerful, which would typically bring out the ego or arrogance in a person, but not her. There is nothing arrogant about her.  She is humble and treats others with respect - Even if they act abusively, she refuses to abuse them back. She states the facts as they are, without any insults or threats, and walks away...

To the best of my knowledge, belief and recollection, I swear that all that I’ve stated as facts here are true, and that the statements based upon knowledge and belief are actually what I know and believe.

 Sincerely, Kenny L.   (Bodyguard)   (sworn, notarized & filed in Court)

Testimony of California two-term Mayor:

     "I am writing to express support for Salee’ Amina Barnes – Mohammed. I have known Salee’ for several years, and have only known her to be a honest forthright individual.

     I first met Salee’ in 2014 shortly after her return from the Middle East, where she was working as a business consultant, and an advocate for woman’s rights. Subsequently, Salee’ had shared with me various entrepreneurial endeavors, often with philanthropic goals and always in support of woman and children’s causes. The betterment and support of local resources to help others is foremost in her mind in every community where Salee finds herself."

With sincere respect,  

The Honorable Joshua Jay Susman

Former elected Mayor, now a Town Council member, Truckee, California

  (This document was filed in a Court)

Sworn testimony of a Christian minister in Pennsylvania:

      "I have known Ms. Salee Amina (Dr. Salee Amina Barnes – Mohammed) for over twenty five years as being of the highest character; not only honorable, ethical, moral and honest; but (she is so) to the utmost degree."  


       "I am an ordained minister of the Churches of God in Christ, and I host of two television shows, which are broadcast locally and internationally. 

        I hold degrees in Psychology and Business, and have received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Columbia University (2014) for 40 years in Public Health Policy Research, Teacher’s College Leadership Award for Excellence in Environmental Health, and have been officially acknowledged by the Pennsylvania State Legislature House Resolution Number 645 (in 2002). 

      I previously was contracted with the U.S Department of Defense for the supply of medical products program, and was the designated recipient of a distinguished presentation from President Bill Clinton on behalf of a USS Cole fallen soldier. Also, I was nominated as an honorary humanitarian ambassador for the Zimbabwe HIV project and I am the composer of the critically acclaimed Anti-Drug Anthem for the State of Pennsylvania.  My brother is an attorney in Washington D.C. and my father is pastor of one of the largest African-American churches in America."


       I have had the opportunity of observing Salee Amina in numerous business transactions, especially during a time when she negotiated very large contracts, some years ago, while I was licensed as an agent for the United States Department of Defense. I have often personally observed her demonstrate a very highly developed ethical nature, even turning away large commissions offered to her, in an effort to maintain the strictest standards of honorable conduct."

      "I have seen, in business, she is literally referred to as “the incorruptible.” I have heard it stated that her word is gold. It is my strong conviction that very few, if any, have the internal fortitude of such a conviction of integrity and ethics as does Ms. Salee Amina, which is a fact that I have personally seen demonstrated by her time and time again, throughout two decades of my knowing her."

      "She is remarkable is many ways, and demonstrates every trait that would be called 'Christian Values,' without seeking praise or acknowledgment for her numerous good deeds and continual compassion and generosity. The stamina, courage and positive attitude, even in the face of most challenging circumstances is uncanny and her willingness to stand up for what is right, just and fair has been extraordinary."

      "Throughout over twenty years of knowing her, she has never varied from being forthright, honest, decent and truly kind in spirit".

Reverend David Clark, Church of God in Christ, Monaca Pennsylvania (Sworn under the penalty of perjury & filed in Superior Court)

a Pastor of a Christian church in Oakland, California:

    "I do hereby swear and depose:

I am an ordained minister, since my early 20's, and I was president of ‘Athletes in Action for Christ.’ I swear that I would not lie for Ms. Salee Amina, nor for anyone else. I state the facts in this brief because they are the whole truth. I have no hesitation to stand up for Ms. Salee Amina in any courtroom in any country in the world, and to testify as to what I have personally witnessed of her very high level of integrity. She is very honest, ethical, moral, spiritual, considerate, kind, generous, decent and humble.  I am the author of four books, one of which I dedicated to Ms. Salee Amina, wherein I called her "a gift from God".  

    I have known Salee Amina for 38 years, and I know her to be in every way good, ethical, honorable, honest and decent. That is a fact. It is what I know to be the real truth. It is what I have seen, consistently. The degree of integrity that this woman exhibits in every day of her life is something very unusual. It reflects in everything she does and says. I have seen that in her, every time.

    I am 57 years old, and throughout the entire 38 years of my knowing Ms. Salee Amina, I have personally witnessed her to not only be honest and honorable, but she is extremely honest, far beyond normal. When she says something, you could bet money that it is exactly as she says, without deviation, without exaggeration, without embellishing anything. I have heard some people say, “Her word is Gold.”

    "LACK OF ANY MALICE OR VEXATIOUS NATURE: I have never, not even once, witnessed her being deceptive, manipulative, retaliatory, vindictive, vexatious, revengeful, malicious, greedy or selfish. I have never seen her do any wrongful, dishonest or dishonorable thing. I have observed her extraordinary capacity for forgiveness, kindness, understanding and consideration for others.  I have always seen her to be a character of integrity - being respectable, compassionate, decent and moral.

    "OF ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE I KNOW, SHE IS THE MOST REMARKABLE: I would go so far as to say that her degree of modesty, honesty, respectability and integrity is without compare among anyone I have ever known in my life, and I have certainly known many very high ranking people through the years: The famous boxer, Mohammed Ali, was my friend and my sponsor for the 1980 Olympics (I won NCAA championships, and was ranked in the top 5 in the USA and 15th in the world, in weightlifting.) San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who I have known for many years, assisted me in raising $3 million for one of my projects. Actor Danny Glover is a very good friend of mine, who introduced me to actor/singer Harry Belefonte. For 33 years, I have been close friends with the famous composer, Edwin Hawkins, who wrote the #1 gospel song in the world, “Oh Happy Day.” As a building contractor, I built Edwin Hawkin’s church, his recording studio and his restaurant, and I was his road manager for 9 ½ years. Last year, I did a banquet for California Governor Jerry Brown, and I also did a banquet for the NAACP and Dr. Amos Brown (who is pastor of one of the oldest black churches in America, and who marched with Martin Luther King).  For 40 years I have been friends with the television/radio personality and gospel music performer and producer, Emmet Powell, as well as (singer) Bobby Womack (who recently passed) and his wife, Pat Womack. I spent some of my career as a personal bodyguard to His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, of Abu Dhabi, who was Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and is now Special Advisor to the President of the UAE (who is Sheikh Sultan’s brother). In fact, it was Salee Amina who got me that position with His Highness".

Sincerely, Reverend Vincent Ken Lackey;  Pastor of 'His Lordship's Congregation for Christ,' Oakland, California 

 (Sworn under penalty of perjury, notarized & filed in Superior Court.)  

U.S. Department of Defense Medical Vendor:

"This missive is sent to your attention in the form of my highest personal reference for one of the finest Muslim women I have had the privilege of serving with, (SaLee') Amina Mohammed. ...   In my opinion, her potential to negotiate with her own sophisticated style is superior and ranks high with the best of them. Equally important (SaLee') Amina is of uniquely high personal integrity.

It has also been my observation...that she is a very industrious problem solver, regardless of the job to be done.  I am impressed by (SaLee') Amina's steadfast determination, her personal courage and perceptive capabilities.  As a creative talent, she excels under pressure.  (SaLee') Amina has a natural gifted instinct to communicate across a wide spectrum of demographic and psychographic characters.  She exudes a personal warmth that is captivating, especially within interpersonal and small group settings.

This quality of character shows itself again and again in her Islamic devotion such that the distinctive nature of her faith has lasting presence.  (SaLee') Amina is a creator ans an innovator.  She has been a tremendous asset to many production teams and her experience and outstanding record merit a second look."

D.L. Clark, 'ELF Ltd.' (DAPA military vendor)    March 6, 1997

Honorary Professor Occidental College, master artist:


"My name is Perli Pelzig, and I have been creating art for more than six decades, having produced most of the stained glass windows in the numerous synagogues in Los Angeles, and having created sculptures & acrylic paintings on display on four continents. ... I also created the "Curtain of Respect" at Occidental College.  

As a professional artist all my life, now having passed more than eighty years old, I can say that I have met many artists in my years, but never one who is as talented, diverse, professional and creative as SaLee' Amina.  We shared an (Art) studio together in Hollywood, from 1996 to 1998, and I was always amazed at her vast knowledge of art, plus her remarkable and rare ability to create remarkable works of art in multiple mediums.

Most artists are good at one specialty, in which they can excel. But, SaLee' Amina not only can easily create in virtually any artistic medium, but she can handle any subject matter, and excels in all of them. Her delicately carved solid gold sculptures are as astonishing as her huge bronze sculptures".

     Perli Pelzig,  Los Angeles & Jerusalem


 "Dr. SaLee' Amina is a person who follows her personal commitments to an ethical and moral lifestyle, despite there being no impetus for her to do so: As a U.S. citizen, she has the liberty to live any type of lifestyle, yet she has personally chosen to devote her life to humanitarianism, academics and spreading her effective vision for world peace and prosperity, through her business advisory consultations with international opinion leaders, heads of state and powerful multi-national corporations; convincing them to invest in 'profit with a purpose'. Most would be chasing the money, but she strives to make a meaningful difference. That is what makes her unique." 

Gerald Posey, businessman (Douglas County, Nevada):

" I also personally know Ms. Salee Amina Mohammed to be completely innocent… I have never met anyone with as much concern about others, as Salee.  Her integrity is above reproach.  She has the highest regard for honesty and treating people with respect.  I have watched Ms. Salee’ demonstrate a high level of integrity and honesty and charitable humanitarianism. I have seen Salee demonstrate compassion for others on several occasions.  I have never met anyone with as much concern about others, as Salee.  Her integrity is above reproach.  She has the highest regard for honesty and treating people with respect".    

(Sworn under penalty of perjury & filed in Court.)