Bio-Tech, 'Future Food, & Alternative Energy Expert


Consultant to a Bio-fuel plant in Texas, since 1990

In 1990, Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Consultant to a Bio-fuel company in Texas which basically created an extremely efficient alternative energy from processed weeds, which could easily be grown anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer & the Tropic of Capricorn.  The bio-fuel was used to power a race car at the Bonneville Salt Flats:  It not only won the race, but it also set a land speed record!  The fuel was not only very powerful, but it also increased engine torque and was good on gas mileage, while producing no pollutants.    

Consultant to Thermal Hydrogen Condensing Technology in California

In 2012, Dr. SaLee' Amina was a Consultant to the company that produced the first scalable system that transformed Hydrogen into clean, renewable, stable, sustainable stored energy; for which the only by-products were heat and water.  The dynamic combustion system was capable of being built in various sizes and configurations, depending upon the intended use.    Hydrogen energy production was easily used in tandem with solar, wind, Bio-fuel and/or Geo-thermal power, which established a completely stable & reliable system, even during hours of no sun or days of no wind; and thus, energy could be stored and re-delivered, during periods of high demand; while fulfilling all U.S. 'Renewable Portfolio Standards' regulations. 

V.I.P. guest at The First Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In 2008, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed attended the Inaugural Event of the Future Energy Summit.  she was invited as a V.I.Pp Guest of the Patron of the event, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the Crown Prince of the UAE.  In 2009, she was again invited (as a V.V.I.P. guest).  In 2013, she was invited as a V.I.P. guest to the Global Aerospace, Aviation & Space Summit, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.  She was also granted entrance to the high-security specialized briefings, which were attended by NATO generals, top military personnel and aerospace representatives from several countries. Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed not only has a background in 'Environmental Technology', but she has also negotiated contracts on petroleum products and military air defense equipment.  Additionally, she has connected investment funds with R&D for "Future Energy" and "Future Technologies." 

Experts included with Dr. SaLee' Amina at the World Congress of Bio-Technology

Dr. SaLee’ Amina Mohammed - Co-owner, Royal Green Bio-Tech; President, Domino Dynamics USA, Director, Int’l Institute of Islamic Culture & Sciences, President, Aminaco American Corporation, USA, Consultant to Bio-Tech & Future Energy companies,  former Lecturer at San Jose; College, California, USA; Dr. Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan - Professor, South Dakota State University, USA; Dr. Ray Zhang, Direct Fuel Cell Engineer and Analyst, FuelCell Energy, Inc., USA;  Dr. Jean-Pierre Heirman - Secretary General of the Environment, Nature and Energy Department for the Flemish Government, Belgium; Diana McQueen, Minister, Alberta Environment and Sustainable; Dr. Chin-Tsan Wang, Professor, National I-Lan University, Taiwan; Dr. Lee Yee Loon, Research Fellow, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia; Dr. Valery Evgenievich Tarabanko, Professor, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia; Dr. Maria Soledad Peresin, Senior Scientist, Surface Chemistry – Nanocellulose Research; Chair, Royal Society of Chemistry - Finnish Section, Finland; Dr. Jutta Geldermann, Professor, Vice-Dean of the Faculty, Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany ; Dr. Syed Ubaidullah Hussainy, Professor, Victoria University, Australia ; Dr. Isabel Lopez-Garcia, Professor, Universidad de Córdoba, Spain; Dr. Mehrdad Adl, Assistant Professor, Materials and Energy Research Center, Iran ; Dr. Yom-Tov Samia, Dr. Abdullah A. Jaradat, Adjunct Professor, USDA-ARS, USA; President and CEO, IC Green Energy LTD, Israel; Dr. Heinz Kopetz - President of The World Bio-Energy Association, Austria; Ray Zhang - Direct Fuel Cell Engineer and Analyst, FuelCell Energy, Inc., USA; Dr. Xujin Lu, Senior Principal Scientist of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA; Dr. Anneli Andersson Chan, Process Engineer, Vaxjo Kommun, Sweden; Dr. Mike Gould,; Dr. Greg Murray, Center Director, Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension; Managing Director, CleanStar Ventures, Australia; Dr. Jing Liu, Co-founder, Owner, CTO, Bioprocess Control AB, Sweden ; Dr. John Carson, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Entergy-Texas, USA; Mr. Richard Fish, President, Alter Nrg Corp., Canada; Dr. Hans Jurgen Franke, CEO, NETLEB, Brazil; Dr. Reinu E Abraham, Deakin University, Australia; Dr. Thomas Pschorn, Director of Applied Technology, Andritz, USA; Dr. Roland A. Jansen, CEO, Biomass Partners Ltd.; Director Biomass Investments, Green Investment Solutions Holding PLC, Switzerland; Dr. Paul O'Connor, Founder, Director of Science & Technology, BIOeCON, The Netherlands; Mr. Gilles Amsallem, CEO, Biomethodes, France; Dr. Renato Tonon Filho, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil; Dr. Daniel Hayes, Researcher, University of Limerick, Ireland; Dr. Fengxue Xin, Research Engineer, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Dr. Surajit Khanna, Chairman and CEO, BARD Holding, Inc, USA; Dr. Virginia Klausmeier, CEO and Co-founder, Sylvatex Biofuels, USA; Dr. Daniel Siegel, VP Technology & IP Assessment, FuturaGene, Ltd., Israel; Dr. Silvan de Boer, Senior Sustainability Officer, Eneco, The Netherlands; Dr. Steve Peters, CEO, Stratcon Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore; Dr. P. Zapata Aranda, Project Manager, Bioazul, Spain.

Director of The California Environmental Evolution Energy Safety Commission

Dr. SaLee' Amina has been involved with Alternative Energy for several decades, long before it became a popular trend.  While an elementary school student, she won a Science Fair for her project about the Atom Bomb and the potential commercial use of Atomic Energy (both as Nuclear Fission and as Nuclear Fusion). At the time, the first nuclear power plane was operating in Russia & only one had been recently opened in the USA.  Invited to "MENSA" at age 12, she was a member of the local Science Club, and she worked with after-school 'student scientists' in a club that she started, called "Amateur Geniuses".  They used the manure from neighboring ranches & farms to create what  they called "Super Slush", which was used to power lawnmowers & motorized bicycles.  As an adult, she has been involved with 'green' energy, such as through "Future-Wave" (Ocean wave technology), magnetic conveyance systems & flying machines, the microscopic bacterial enzyme conversion of waste into useful substances, 'Natural Energy' from solar, wind, hydro-electric & geo-thermal energy, Bio-fuels (cellulose, algae, elephant grass, sugar [from cane & beets], jatropha, rapeseed, palm oil, & 'Earthguard 2000').  the majority of her research was done in California, Arizona, the Middle East & Africa. A Thesis that she did at Harvard University was focused on the development of Emerging Economies & Third World Countries, with a focus on Africa and new technologies. 

Bio-Technology Advisor- "Future Farms" & "Strategic Plants"


High Technology Innovations in Agriculture

 When her father bought her a microscope, in the third grade, SaLee' fell in love with Science.  While still in high School, she attended concurrent enrollment at illinois Instutute for Technology, and pursued a career in science and natural medicine, then expanded to include global economics and international business; while still maintaining her career in the arts.  

     Correctly called a "Renaissance Woman," Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed became interested in organic farming and hydroponics while it was still a small cottage industry.  Now, she advises major corporations and universities in Bio-Technology and advanced growing systems that increase nutritional quality, while extending growth and minimizing energy costs.

Hydroponic "Sky Farms" & "Strategic Plants"

     In 1980, Dr. Amina sketched onto a napkin her idea for a design of a luxury residential development that could be seen from the air by every person flying into any Airport in UAE.  She gave the sketch to then UAE Ambassador His Excellency, Mahdi Al-Tajir.  Thus began "Palm Island.", in Dubai; which is now the most coveted address in the UAE.

     Similarly, Dr. Amina sketched her idea for "SkyFarms" -  hydroponic farms on roof tops and in tall glass skyscrapers.  This is now a dream that has become a reality.

     Her exclusive project of "Strategic Plants" involves advanced bio-technical engineered automation, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics (invented by her scientist son, who started college at age eleven and had his own robotics company at age 12)  These highly coveted plant cultures, plant grafts & plant seeds are vital for the creation of more than 90% of all nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals on the planet. 


     Dr. Amina is the Senior Advisor on this project, bringing in-house formulation off nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals to the Arabian Gulf, Brazil, Africa and USA (especially in large & dense urban environments, such as New York City.  

     This is vital since USA no longer manufactures its own pharmaceuticals, having sent all such jobs overseas.  Now China dominates the market, which means they could at any time hold the rest of the world to their knees by simply withholding the vital pharmaceuticals necessary for health and disease control.  The majority of pharmaceutical ingredients originate in the plant kingdom.  Dr. Amina calls these flowers, bark, stems, seeds, pods, leaves, saps  & fruits "Strategic Plants."

Hydroponic Community Fences

Initially wishing to address the needs of communities in underserved areas, populated by the underprivileged, Dr. Amina sought to make food sources abundant at low cost and no cost to those in need.  thus, she invented hydroponic fences, which cover entire public areas with greenery that is edible, and which allows the community, especially the children, to care for the harvest & transplanting, while feeling like they are personally assisting their families and the entire community. Most systems are self contained, some are automated and on timers, and only low maintenance is required to utilize the greatest extent of the growing season, depending upon location.  the projects began in Southern California, her home state, which has a 365 days/year growing season.

Algae- food for thought, a treat for the nerves, food for animals, food for cells, hope for fighting

With over 5,000 nutrients, algae is the most complete nutrient dense food on earth.  As a child, one of her early "businesses" was selling "Green bubble gum," which was a compound of algae, turmeric & frankincense.  She insisted it was high in healthful benefits. Kids chewed  it because they liked that it turned their teeth dayglow green!

     While most know Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed as a famous business / investment advisor &  negotiator, few realize that she is also a scientist and expert in several fields; while also having formerly taught International Business at the college level.

     Dr. Amina has  advanced leading edge innovations in agriculture for present & future food production.  here are just a few of many:

They have already COMPLETED and are operating functional 'Vertical farms' of hydroponics, as well as mass algae-production (for human consumption and for livestock feed).

The mobile hydroponic farms presently being designed are using patented automation, robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

     She is presently negotiating partnerships with companies who have mastered the data input for A.I., to produce plants under the most OPTIMUM conditions, including controlling the light spectrum to increase growth rate & using colored light wavelengths and sound frequencies to affect plant health and nutritional content.

     Dr. Amina used the same light and sound therapy on human patients at her Natural health clinics in 1993.

The "Strategic Plants" technology, created by Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed, is a project that allows any country to be self-sufficient in nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals (now 90% dependent upon China, alone.)

Other projects they are partnering with  include the sensing of nutrients & growth rates to automatically adjust all plant needs - which results in THE most nutritious food, with the fastest grow season, specializing in mobile (transportable) robotic & artificial intelligence management of Vertical farms (in glass skyscrapers) , with mass production of algae livestock feed, and a line of super foods with a base of algae, kelp, seaweeds, with Spirulina & Chlorella, & with & added vitamins, minerals, supplements & electrolytes; all of which is GROWN hydroponically. in MOBILE automated "Skyfarms', where PRODUCE gets shipped to their end user wholesalers while still growing & ready to harvest, being robotically picked & packaged "on site" & "on demand." 

Nuclear Fission, Hydrogen Energy, Bio-Fuels, Algae-food & fuel

     In 1990, Dr. Amina was an advisor to an energy plant that produced clean burning fuel made form weeds, which resulted in a fuel that provided better torque on the engine, faster speed, and zero pollutants.

     In 2012, Dr. Amina was involved  with a Hydrogen Energy plant in California, to create an energy alternative to fossil fuels. 

     But, her interest in all things scientific and futuristic began much earlier.  Dr. Amina had won a National Science Fair while in elementary school, after which she chose to convert part of her grandfather's carpentry workshop (where she loved to build things) into a biology & chemistry laboratory.  Her custom formulated potions were extracted mainly from plants, and she had a special fascination with nutritional substances extracted from the sea, which she realized provided a source of complete protein & intense amounts of nutrients.

     Although her "Seaweed Slurpees" & "Pond Scum Snacks" (which she generously offered to guests in her parents' home) were never popular,  she remained convinced that it would be the food of the future. Perpetually putting everything in sight under the microscope, she grew up to open two natural health clinics, where she researched compounds that increased longevity & changed the genetic expression of cells.  The success of her research is obvious to anyone meeting Dr. Amina, who looks the age of the her youngest of her children. 

     When she did her seventh grade Science Fair entry on the Atomic bomb as compared to nuclear fission, her mother was convinced their daughter would blow up the basement.  But, in fact, nuclear fission & cold fusion became very hot topics more than a decade later. 

Dr. Amina's plant cell research

Unlike human Stem Cell research, the culturing of plant cells does not raise moral objections.  Many plant cells can be designer engineered to be used within human bodies for beneficial repair of other cells and to fight disease, including several cancers.

Genetic Longevity & Natural Remedies

2009 Speakers - Pennsylvania Health Care Professionals

While SaLee' was afflicted with Rhabdomyolysis, which left her semi-paralyzed for 4 &1/2 years, she continued research into natural health remedies, which brought about her eventual recovery.  The disease had been contracted as a result of severe side effects from taking a prescribed medication, which nearly resulted inher death.  The remedies that she discovered have been successfully used for treating Rhabdolyolysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes & Cancer.

Pennsylvania Health Care Awards:

HONOREES:  *Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed - Researcher in Genetic longevity & natural remedies, former Director of Beverly Hills International (Natural) Clinic & The Angel Center for Healing in Scottsdale, AZ; and also honored are representatives from  University of Panama City, Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing, University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Nurses Assn., Ambridge School of Practical Nursing, Rochester Hospital, Winthrope Health Care of New Haven, Conn, Church in the Round, Sewickley Valley hospital,   MiChi Health EpiCenter of Cincinnati, OH, iKinesio therapy of Wilmington OH,  LaRoche College, Oral Roberts University, Heritage Valley Health System, Carlow College School of Nursing.