Starting in Arts-Continuing in Investment-Then an Ambassador

2019 - A Successful Advisor, and Business & Legal Consultant - with Extraordinary Accomplishments

Although SaLee' made her claim to fame as an International Investment Advisor, she had actually begun her career path in the Arts; she made the transition to international fame in investment, negotiation & as an Ambassador through a series of 'accidental' &  unusual 'quirks' of fate! Her positive accomplishments were fed by almost miraculous strokes of extraordinary 'luck' & accurate perception; while the catastrophic challenges in her life were such that any normal person would definitely have given up.  Her unflinching perseverance and victory over adversities has been an inspiration & motivation to many.



After SaLee' graduated from High School, her parents were adament about her getting married, as they did not believe that a girl living alone as a college student was "proper." So, to stop her parent's constant harassing, she married a man she had only known for a few weeks.  It was a mistake, but she remained married long enough to have a child; and she has always loved all children. 


Starting at Illinois Institute of Technology (where she had been concurrently enrolled while in High School), SaLee' moved to New York City, auditing classes at New York University (NYU) & doing correspondence courses at Ohio Christian College, in Pre-Law. In New York,  she studied film & TV & worked in that industry, successfully (See resume on "Film/TV").  

To appease her parents, she married, and they moved to California, where she continued her successful career and also continued in college at California State University Northridge.  Later, she went on to attend San Jose' College, University of California Santa Cruz & Harvard University.  Long thereafter, she also attended Dubai School of Government (now called Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government).

Following her early success in the arts and teaching, SaLee' Amina was hospitalized, due to a car accident, which forced her to change careers from the arts to business, investments and law; since the accident had caused the loss of her eyesight for many months and she was bedridden from serious injuries.  At only 21 years old, SaLee' had already established a remarkable career in the film/television industry; and had continually maintained her status as a professional artist.  But, without being able to see, she had no choice but to change careers.  

Eventually, many months later, her sight returned, slowly, and the wounds on her face became less noticeable, although several decades later, she still experiences physical pain in the wound areas, and light hurts her previously wounded eyes.  The woman driving the car that hit SaLee' had never paid one cent, despite that SaLee' was a passenger in a stopped car.  That woman who nearly cost SaLee' her life reportedly lives in a $6.5 million mansion in Bel Air, California, and also owns a $1.5 million condo in Los Angeles; yet SaLee' was left to pay all of her own medical bills & received no compensation for her pain & suffering. SaLee' received NOTHING. It was an extreme injustice. 

While SaLee lingered in the hospital, her husband abandoned her & SaLee' was left to raise their infant daughter alone, for the next 18 years, without receiving even the slightest child support, & SaLee' completely waived alimony; wanting only her child in the divorce.  

That car accident brought SaLee', quite by accident (literally) into the field of investment management and business consultancy.  The car accident had happened when she was a passenger in a stopped car.  She was only 21 years old, already successful in careers in the arts & teaching. She retained an attorney,   who had wrongfully negotiated away her lawsuit, in order to get a quick settlement of $4.5 million on a different & completely unrelated case that he was handling, for 'wrongful death'; which had nothing to do with SaLee'.  But, the plaintiff & defense attorneys made a deal to settle a different case, for 4 & 1/2 million dollars,  if SaLee's attorney would simply drop SaLee's case, and he did so.  He got rich and SaLee' got cheated, despite her serious injuries & blindness, which lasted several months. This sort of 'trading off' of cases is common among attorneys, albeit unfair & unethical, in principle.  Having personally experienced injustice, SaLee' feels strongly about advocating for others.

Thereafter, the law firm that made the underhanded deal moved to much larger high class suites in Westwood on the millions they got from their connived 'agreement' with the attorney for the corporation that owned the car that hit the stopped car in which SaLee was a passenger, while they obviously did not care what would be the fate of  SaLee', who had suffered extraordinary facial wounds, blindness for several months & severe injuries.

So, SaLee' was left with nothing but medical bills, her house and having to be a single mother (since she had divorced, agreeing to receive no spousal support & her x-husband had never, not even once, paid any child support.) SaLee's  first investor-client was attorney Karl Kappel, who remained her business associate for over 20 years, while he and SaLee' kept their offices together, in Beverly Hills and Westwood, California; with Kappel providing legal services and SaLee' providing investment and business advice to joint clients.  She continued her university education, after taking time off to heal.

She later re-married, for the sake of providing a father to her daughter, & they had a son, who was an extraordinary genius, who started college at age eleven. He went on to become a network systems analyst & encryption specialist, who programmed in 23 different computer languages.  However, the husband she married was not a good choice.  He was earning five dollars per week as a minister in a "church", owned no home, no car & had no job. But, she had thought that he was an honorable & responsible man.  That was NOT the reality, however.  

While they lived in a 28 room mansion in the Hollywood Hills, for which her husband did not pay one cent, and managed to contribute almost nothing to the marriage, SaLee' remained a loyal wife.  SaLee' allowed her husband's former wife to store her goods in their basement & SaLee' bought cards & gifts for the son of her husband with his former wife. When her husband's father got sick, they relocated to Northern California to be nearby. When her husband's father passed away, her husband's mother, who was deaf, counted on SaLee', who treated her as well as if she were SaLee's own mother.  Their friendship was so good that SaLee's mother-in-law said she would testify against her own son in SaLee's favor if they ever divorced. 

When SaLee' found out that her husband owed $23,000.00 to the church where he had worked for eight years before meeting her, SaLee' arranged for the money to be paid to relieve the debt.  But, the imbalanced circumstances of SaLee' traveling the world as an investment advisor & her husband sitting home tinkering on computers was not a healthy relationship; but, still, she remained a loyal wife & mother to her children.  

One day, to her great surprise,  SaLee' returned to their luxurious Hillsborough home, with the children in tow, to find a "post-it" note on the front door, which read: "Dear SaLee' - You're a wonderful wife, a marvelous mother & a fabulous friend, but I've taken all your money & I can't pay you back.  I feel badly about it, so until I can, you won't hear from me again."   And, yet again, SaLee' was raising children alone.  She continued to care for her x-husband's mother, often flying in from overseas to spend weeks helping her former mother-in-law, which continued for years, until her death.

As the children grew, people bothered SaLee' to remarry again, as its the best thing for the children.  So, SaLee' allowed her children to pick someone for her to marry, since she felt it was best for children to have both a father & a mother; and up until then, it seemed she was invariably being both father & mother, husband & wife.  The children picked a Pakistani from London, thirteen years SaLee's junior. who had been their tutor for learning the Quran, a Pakistani man from London.  

Shortly after the marriage, which only lasted four months, SaLee' received a report that her new husband had raped a teenage girl, who was SaLee's relative.  The young girl claimed that she was raped by him.  So, SaLee' took her husband in front of three witnesses, & he confessed to sexually molesting the girl.  When SaLee' confronted him on the issue, he punched SaLee' fracturing her jaw, then beat her up, knocking her to the ground, kicking her & stepping on her; while her children watched in horror.  

The children called the police, who ordered an ambulance, but she did not 'press charges' or put him in jail: She simply demanded to never see him again.  Many years later, he remarried & was tried for beating up his new wife.  His new marriage ended in divorced, and  thereafter, he was again  tried, convicted & sentenced of beating up his girlfriend.  

Therefore, SaLee' had spent very little time actually married, only long enough to have children, who she raised herself.  Although she had nothing to do with her x-husbands, she also never took any revenge against them, because, after all, they were her children's relatives.  In fact, she kept up relations with several of the friends & relatives of her former husbands, so as to give her children a link with their background, despite that the fathers of her children did not bother to take responsibility for them.

The children, each raised without their father, grew up to be an attorney-at-law, with four university degrees, a critical care nurse (married to a U.S. Air Force pilot) and an Information Technology computer expert.  For much of their lives, SaLee' received both 'Mother's Day' & 'Father's Day' cards.

In the business of business:

Although SaLee' had official legal training, it would have been a conflict of interest for her to personally provide both legal services and investment advise.  She chose being an Investment Advisor, & she collected some extremely prestigious clients.  

Eventually, SaLee' adapted to the legal field, getting involved in civil and criminal cases and important Civil Rights issues, one of which resulted in a rare published opinion in 'Lexis Law'; which created legal precedent and is now quoted in courtrooms as case-law, or decisional law.  Later , she became a Whistle-blower against corruption in the judiciary, prosecutor's office & law enforcement.  the retaliation against her was profound.

Having a life-long passion for precious metals and gems, she began investing in gold and participated as a corporate officer in several mining and refining activities in California, Arizona, Montana and Borneo.

By the age of 26, she was elected to the 'World Gold Association' in Switzerland as their first woman officer, serving as Vice President for U.S. operations, during a time that they had no women members, except for SaLee' and the wife of the W.G.A. president. 

At age 27, she was invited as a speaker at an International Finance Conference in Acapulco, Mexico, where she was discovered and mentored by Sir Harry Schultz, who was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid financial advisor in the world. Sir Harry called Dr. SaLee' a "Human Dynamo" and became her mentor in international investments, training her as his protégé'.

Dr. SaLee' Amina became part of the 'Institute for a Sound Money Economy', the 'Phoenix Foundation' and the 'Director's Institute', all in London England; as well as the 'Metropolitan Club' in New York City, as an adviser to Ambassador Chavez and a consultant to the Vice President of the World Bank, at a time when they also did not have women members.

As a professional speaker, she had been invited to numerous conferences, worldwide. In 2001, she was invited to speak at a conference on Islamic Finance, which is one of her specializations. The conference included some of the most renowned names in international finance, ministers of finance and heads of the largest international banks, monetary funds and investment trusts.

Dr. SaLee' Amina is often best remembered as the broker of the World's Largest Flawless Diamond, the "Star of Peace" (170.49 carats,) valued at $20 million. She also sold some of the largest gem collections and handled or advised on numerous transactions, including over 2,000 tons of precious metal products (gold, platinum and silver). 

She was also requested to handle the sale of the largest pearl in the world ($42 million,) the largest colored diamond collection (The Rainbow diamond collection), the largest (in carat weight) collection of Rubies, and the largest (in carat weight) collection of sapphires and the largest collection of engraved emeralds.

Another famous transaction that was brought to her was the largest pearl in the world, 'The Pearl of Lao-Tzu', which was re-named 'The Pearl of Allah.'

SaLee's career is an International Investment Advisor is the stuff of which legends are made

 Dr. SaLee' Amina  is a professional business and investment adviser and entrepreneur, with extraordinary diversity. She has succeeded in several professions, simultaneously, especially as an investment and business adviser, negotiator, educator, lecturer, writer and Ambassador of Goodwill. She has also been a contract specialist in the legal department of the world's premier transportation engineering corporation (Parsons Brinkerhoff - now merged with WSP-USA), a legal advocate for Civil Rights, a teacher, a social activist and a natural health practitioner. 

Simultaneously, she has continuously been a successful professional designer, artist and sculptor; an award winning public speaker, poet and writer; and she has also worked in several facets of the television, film and music industries. As an entrepreneur, she has created several businesses and has initiated or consulted on numerous important projects.